Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tutorial for Black and White "X" Block Exchange

Here it is!! The tutorial for the next block exchange. The plan for our exchange date is going to be in early November. Have fun sewing. Be sure to pick true whites, no creams. The fabrics need to "read" black and white. The punch of color in the middle "X" needs to be your favorite color or pattern. Please choose something that is a saturated color for best contrast. This is a 4x4 block. Click on photo for larger view. This is an exchange for my local circle of friends.

1. Cut 12- black 3.5" squares, 4- contrast color 3.5" squares, and 32 -white 1.5" squares

2. Sew the white squares (on the diagonal) to 2 opposing corners on the black and contrast color squares. Remember you may draw a sewing line but I just "eyeball" the seam. If you are going to deviate, :) like I always do, -from the straight line diagonal -always deviate to the center of the square NOT toward the corner or your square will not be the right size.

3. Cut the tips off the white squares 1/4" from the seam allowance.

Press open. Square up the unit to 3.5"

4. Arrange in the "X" pattern as shown , and square up to 12.5".

Have fun, if there are any questions please leave me a comment or email me.