Sunday, November 25, 2012

Moving blog!

This blog is moving, the address is :

Thanks for following to a new address!

The Winds of Change are blowing...

The weather on Thanksgiving was a beautiful 57 degrees and sunny. Then during the night the winds was so loud and strong it woke me up at 5 am no Friday. Snow is on its way in droves. Just a few inches  at a time but my how different Thursday  was versus Friday -people were out riding bikes and motorcycles. Today we are checking where the snow shovels are and ice scrapers are stashed.

Change is also happening in life. My parents may have sold their home. The first load of unessential furniture is went on a  moving van to their second home. My husband drove the van and we helped get it loaded/unloaded. They will live 3 hours away not three blocks away but near my siblings and my mothers family. I think it will be a good move but things will just be different. So my mom cooked Thanksgiving dinner vs having it at our house. I forgot to take pictures... it was a great day.

Change is also happening in what I am finding that I like to do. I am crocheting again. I have found that I like to do little projects. I have been writing patterns which is a new adventure. I have one quilting pattern  nearly completed. I am spending time making quilts that have a bit more planning vs totally ad lib. I like both methods but i am not stashing fabrics for improv quilts so i need to have enough materials on hand.

And now the rush to get some holiday shopping in, it is beginning to look at like Christmas. Everywhere you go!

ps I have used up my photo storage that is free and I need to figure out how to get around purchasing more space after all these years of blogging!!I think I need to delete photos taken....

I believe I will have to change my blog address!! Watch for more change to come!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Design wall Monday

I have 10 of the 12 blocks completed for the Super Mario Qal. I think it's looking like a quilt. There are 324 little 1.5 inch squares sewn to make each block. No wonder it is taking me a few hours each block! The latest block was the red mushroom.

I am so happy that my sewing machine is working well, all I needed to do was replace the needle and get some nice thread in it. I was frustrated because I was worried I broke it when I shattered two needles in it last week. Whew, I  was missing it. The old Singer Touch and sew is nice but... well it isn't the Husquavarna.

We have been getting ready for wrestling season for our Son. Senior pictures, ordered grad announcements and cap/gown all happened this past week.  I think now I can concentrate on Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cell phones

Tuesday was the first day back to work for me. My son's first day to school since last week due to illness and a college visit. It snowed, it was cold and we were running a bit late.

Disaster struck. As he was getting out of the minivan and shut the door, he started dropping things.
Can you guess what was shut in the door?

His phone. It was a good phone for him. A Droid X hand me down from his Dad.

Yep the phone is supposed to be straight! We have back up phones in place now. He is connected again.
Which leads to thinking about some complaints I have heard from the generation right (not my parents but the people younger than them) ahead of me, they don't like the use of cell phones from people younger than them. They are paying attention to the phone and not them. They say younger people don't know how to interact and don't have relationships with people.

I disagree. I think that people have as many face to face relationships as they want. They talk to the people they are with as much as they want. The phone is an added layer of connecting. And sharing jokes and other cool games and things. Now there are exceptions. We all are different. I think it is a sign of a new generation gap.
First it was "those crazy kids and their rock music"
Then it was "TV is rotting the brain of kids"
Now, it is "those cell phones, what are you doing, you not talking to me and  not listening to my stories anymore!"
and my favorite "you are becoming a technological zombie"

I love technology but social norms/rules are changing and I am just as bad as the "kids" about it. I used to do hand sewing at holidays and yarn things at dinner. How's that for being rude at a holiday gathering!! I need to have a focus and something to do. I also like to watch football games as holiday events as well as talk. Some people watch movies. Other share memes and the latest games.... Just a few things I have been thinking about folks....

Now my sewing machine is acting up. Good think I have a back up machine!!
Thankful that we have what we need and a back up plan, too!!
And I am super thankful I have a smart phone to get through today's staff meeting at work!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ears, ears, ears

I am finding that making the faces for the ami is getting better. The ears are a challenge this week. I am not making them the same size and then how to place them on the figure is another story. There is a learning curve in making new projects!! That's what makes them fun.

I am continuing to learn about paper piecing. I saw some pictures that Mark Lipinski put on facebook about his adventure. There was a wooden rolling pin for pressing seams. I thought I needed one. Hmmm, I really started to think and realized I ALREADY had a Pampered Chef rolling pin that looked just like that! Wow, I had it here all along. And it works out just wonderfully.

I am continuing a photo a day and today was Man made. I just made bread and thought it was delicious!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

A day off ......

And I did get things done! I was able to work on some Christmas gifts. Over the past few days, I have been working on some crochet items. I love how quickly some of the little amigurumi's come together but finishing the project is tedious at times.

I have made a quilt block for a bee that will go to a co worker. It is the right size this time and I was able to change some fabric choices and I like this one better. And the other picture is the turtle shell block in the Super Mario Quilt along. Three more to go, I will get started on them tomorrow.

I want to also state that it was warm yesterday, in the fifties. This evening it started to snow.

I guess listening to Trans Siberian Orchestra wasn't too early.....

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Photo a day- Something you can't live without. I chose running water

GSVU campus

clock tower

Yesterday was a long day of driving to Grand Valley State University and taking a campus preview. I think we walked about 20 miles. Then we went to the mall and walked another 10 miles. I ate too much at Red Robin and throughly enjoyed the day.

This school is on the short list and we were all very pleasantly surprised and what a nice campus it is.