Thursday, November 1, 2012

November is here!

Starts with a C-Candle!

What a difference a few days make, the field was photographed 2 weeks ago. Now it is cold, snowy, rainy and the days are gray. I am not a fan of the long dark evenings and it will get worse after the clocks change Saturday-fall back 1 hour. The mornings are a bit brighter but it makes the evenings so dark, so early.

That's where the candles come in. I like the soft light they give. They save electricity and light up the darker areas that need just a bit to keep the gloom away. I am going to continue a photo a day this month by fatmumslim. I like having a challenge topic and it gives me a chance to improve my photography skills and editing.

I am crocheting amigurumi. Not sure why. I love the cute factor. I don't have grandchildren. I think I just will keep several. I am working on a big gnome right now. I like the pick it up and put it down factor. I also am sore when I sit and sew too long.

November is the month for me to focus on being thankful. I am thankful for vehicles that run. They have been aging, getting repairs and yesterday my car's battery went dead. Today they are running. I am thankful for the independence they give.


Jay said...

You are not allowed to use the "G" word until we are older.

Jay said...

You are not allowed to use the "G" word until we are older.

Brenda said...

I agree - dark at 4pm is not fun, but candles really do make a dark space feel lighter and safer. Gratitude. So many things to grateful for this month - this week even and a safe place to be able to lay your head at night is huge.
Stay safe, stay warm and may all your candles burn brightly.