Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday stash report

With a birthday about a month ago, came fabrics as gifts, so my stash has grown. I have purchased some border fabric too.

Not much sewing this week, except some yo-yo's by hand. They are cute and I have tried a few different stitches to attach them but haven't settled on one way yet. I have time to experiment when you are attaching hundreds of circles together.

Feeling energetic. I have been gardening and weeding and watering and getting my hands dirty and all that stuff. My arugula "bolted" so I learned about heat stressing lettuce. I am going to make a pesto out of the little harvest I have. I hope it will grow again from what is left of the plant.
Ok, here it the harvest in an ice cube tray to freeze. I chopped up the blanched arugula, added a bit of garlic, parsley, sunflower seeds, parmasan cheese and garlic to taste and texture. It is not bad for the first attempt!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our little Square foot garden boxes

Do you remember that our plants were frosted twice earlier this month? Today was record setting heat of 93 degrees. Ugh, from freezing to this, quite the extremes. You will have to enlarge the photos by clicking on them to see the garden boxes.

Our little gardens are coming along. The beans, peas, onions and some leaf lettuce are from seed. We learned that the compost we used is too acidic so we added lime this week and the plants seem to be doing much better. ( I had guessed that but we had to consult multiple sources to be sure ). We fertilized the tomatoes. Later we this week we will fertilize everything else. I hope we see nice results. Our peppers are just not well, I anticipate that the lime will help.

We usually have a short growing season, so hopefully the plants will catch up over the next two weeks.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A second time around

I have nearly achieved a mistake free table runner with the 60 degree triangle. I have to re-sew the middle seam for a better line. I did more research on the net and found more photos and a tutorial. I didn't save the link to share, sorry.
I have sewn all the yo-yo's in the photo while on vacation. I added several more tonight. This is a good project while it is warm out. I added several more yoyo-'s tonight.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I've been busy!

I must be feeling better because I am getting things done and I don't need a nap afterwards! I have a clean house and laundry is caught up. Yeah for stay-cations and not having to work. I even tackled 2 rooms that are the guys domain. They are less cluttered and clean. Do you have those rooms in your house that you just shut the door too? Ours is the office- too much stuff in it. The other room is the guest room/video game room. It wasn't bad like the office, just need a bit of work. I also did a bit of shopping, hit some sales. I purchased some fabric samples. I did find some clothes on sale that actually fit for summer.

Yesterday I went to a quilt show about 40 miles from here. It was great! Inspirational. I am not into the day glow colors or Batiks that seemed all the rage. Forgot the camera so no pictures. I saw many traditional to minis to art quilts. I also saw a paper piecing demo done by the quilt shop in my town. (PS Did I tell you the Quilt shop is just across the street and down 4 doors? Dangerously close, I must stay disciplined to bust the stash but this was not the week for that.)

I decided to tackle a Cardinal block. I was home sick last winter and saw the Fons and Porter show on PBS. The block was demo'd and is a freebie here:

Ugh, it was harder than the demo and TV show but I managed a result. Not perfect, but I learned a lot. I used the stitch/flip method. I sewed the first block totally backwards with the seams on the right sides, duh!! The mess pictured is what I had to clean up after I finally had one little bird made. I am trying another bird tomorrow. Maybe it will come faster. I have to master paper piecing because my next project is the Civil War Diary quilt then ultimately Dear Jane.

Here is a photo of my first attempt at the 60 degree ruler table runner and place mats. OK- not perfect but I will be creative in the finishing to hide the not so perfect lines. I had several attempts at the runner and this is the best with much easing. I think a larger stripe or border print may be a better choice next time.

Off to cut some blocks for my pieced raggy shower curtain.

Edit on Sunday: I did more research and found out my problem in the striped runner. I put 3 triangles on the end and it only requires 2 triangles and angle cut on the long pieces (I used straight edges on them). Ok, deep breath, tomorrow I will try again to correct this, I purchased extra fabric just in case! Yea for sale fabrics!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back home but on Staycation till Monday

We stayed at a "hunting lodge" in the woods. It really is a friend's Deer hunting lodge but it is very nice and not rustic. It was a great getaway. My guys shot guns as DS wants to deer hunt this year, so he needed to learn how and safety etc. I sewed and relaxed.

We went to the Amish section of Northern Michigan and bought baked goods. We enjoyed the country side.

We also went looking for the elk that live here. We found them in a field that I haven't seen them in for many years. And guess what, we forgot our camera. Here is a internet photo of what I'm talking about

I sewed the disappearing 9 patch. It is about 37 inches square. I sewed a Valentines table runner about 23 by 34 inches. I hand sewed some yo-yo's together until I lost my needle. I also cut out a mushroom pincushion in felt to go with my gnome's. I also sewed some block exchange blocks see below.

I signed up for a needle case swap on hand did's and I am excited about that.
I am off for a few more days and plan to do a lot of sewing and house cleaning.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday before a little vacation

I am leaving for a little vacation to a friend's hunting lodge for the next 4 days. There is TV and electricity so while the guy's of the house are target shooting and doing outdoorsy things I am going to sew. I have a week off from work and plan on several projects.

I have started a disappearing 9 patch as described on PS I quilt's tutorial. I plan to sew black and white exchange squares, make a shower curtian, try the 60 degree triangle ruler. I may baste the Victory quilt. I need more batting for the larger top I have pieced. I also have a calendar quilt I need to finish joining as a top. I think I can achieve most of this over the next week. The guys are going to a music festival Thurs thru Sat so those days are all to me.

Pics of the vacation and quilty progress when I get back.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stash Report

I was given the fabric and charms for my B-day a couple of weeks ago. LOVE it.

I purchase the ruler after seeing a wonderful idea at the Quilt Shop.

The Blogiversary winner package went out.

And this is some progress on the granny square sampler.

Everything is slow and methodical right now. I hope to sew today. I think I am over the sickness. The recoup from the thyroid issues is very slow but making progress, I had some problems with the head infection with pain and swelling but think it is improving.

Stash wise nothing out and some coming in. I get a move on soon, I promise!!!

Our garden was frosted again Sat am and I am not sure if we are going to have anything make it but the seeds. We have replacement plants, try again planting Wed. This will be some expensive veggies!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Showing progress on the SQF

SQF or square foot garden. Our cold weekend killed the tomatoes, peppers, cukes and watermelon plants. But as you can see, not all was lost.

Some seeds are germinating. Look closely...

Frost is called for tonight so we will replant this weekend.
Off to crochet on my granny square afghan, I am on the E squares still. I have the f-g-h- and I's to go.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Giveaway winner is.....

By use of the Random number generator, Conni is my giveaway winner!!! Conni email me at with your snail mail address and I will get the package out this weekend. I have added tatted bookmarks and some little goodies to the charm squares. Picture to come later. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who reads and has been supportive of my blog.