Saturday, June 20, 2009

I've been busy!

I must be feeling better because I am getting things done and I don't need a nap afterwards! I have a clean house and laundry is caught up. Yeah for stay-cations and not having to work. I even tackled 2 rooms that are the guys domain. They are less cluttered and clean. Do you have those rooms in your house that you just shut the door too? Ours is the office- too much stuff in it. The other room is the guest room/video game room. It wasn't bad like the office, just need a bit of work. I also did a bit of shopping, hit some sales. I purchased some fabric samples. I did find some clothes on sale that actually fit for summer.

Yesterday I went to a quilt show about 40 miles from here. It was great! Inspirational. I am not into the day glow colors or Batiks that seemed all the rage. Forgot the camera so no pictures. I saw many traditional to minis to art quilts. I also saw a paper piecing demo done by the quilt shop in my town. (PS Did I tell you the Quilt shop is just across the street and down 4 doors? Dangerously close, I must stay disciplined to bust the stash but this was not the week for that.)

I decided to tackle a Cardinal block. I was home sick last winter and saw the Fons and Porter show on PBS. The block was demo'd and is a freebie here:

Ugh, it was harder than the demo and TV show but I managed a result. Not perfect, but I learned a lot. I used the stitch/flip method. I sewed the first block totally backwards with the seams on the right sides, duh!! The mess pictured is what I had to clean up after I finally had one little bird made. I am trying another bird tomorrow. Maybe it will come faster. I have to master paper piecing because my next project is the Civil War Diary quilt then ultimately Dear Jane.

Here is a photo of my first attempt at the 60 degree ruler table runner and place mats. OK- not perfect but I will be creative in the finishing to hide the not so perfect lines. I had several attempts at the runner and this is the best with much easing. I think a larger stripe or border print may be a better choice next time.

Off to cut some blocks for my pieced raggy shower curtain.

Edit on Sunday: I did more research and found out my problem in the striped runner. I put 3 triangles on the end and it only requires 2 triangles and angle cut on the long pieces (I used straight edges on them). Ok, deep breath, tomorrow I will try again to correct this, I purchased extra fabric just in case! Yea for sale fabrics!!


Brenda said...

Paper Piecing and I, well, we don't see eye to eye - so I need to breathe alot doing that!! the 60* triangle pieces. the long one looks rough, but the rounder ones look good. It too will come with practice!! And good for you doing the flip blk - I am looking forward to when you say you can pop one out in 10 minutes or less!!! I am glad you are feeling up to house cleaning and going shopping and to quilt shows!! yeah!! I am glad you've been busy!!

Vicki said...

confession time. I didn't spend the $9 for the pattern so I am "figuring it out" and try number one wasn't perfect. So I will use the ends on the runner and make little placemats. No matter what the stripes on the runner won't line up. Off to do some research on this issue. I may just go buy the pattern....

Conni said...

Congrats on trying something new! And with learning something new, comes the ever-popular "learning curve"!!! So, be pleased with your first attempts, and keep practicing!! You will succeed!