Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

...And there was a fat quarter sale at the local quilt shop, here are my choices. I love the flowers and color choices. Hmmm, these will not be yo-yo's but something quilted.
My friend heard of my yarn dilemma, she knows my problem in paying full price. When she found an elderly relative's stash that needed a home, she brought it to me. I have a nice selection of yarn's now. Yes, it is a full laundry basket and a lawn/leaf bag full!!Rug's, afghans, table runners.... I plan to go through the stash and give away things I won't use. Note the books in the milk crate in front, all plastic canvas books. Not something I am taking up, but looking at the books is fun for inspiration.
See, having a hobby doesn't need to be expensive!! And be proud of me I passed up the Fat Tuesday Paczki (doughnuts) today.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, Monday, la la, la la la la

The title references an old song by the Mama'a and Papa's.
I was off today for some medical testing and wait the results. I took some time to finish a dish cloth this afternoon. I crocheted a row on my sampler knit afghan. And I had a finish--Sister's Choice!! My first quilt finish of 2009. I am so happy. This pattern is found on Quiltville, see side bar for a link.

I am going to baste a quilt later this week. I also have to mail several things this week- 2 charity quilt blocks and my dishcloth exchange.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Stash report Plus!

Sunday Stash report:
Added: 4 fat quarters for upcoming block exchange
Used: 4 yards
Total stash: about 1.25 totes

I am making progess!! The quilts are coming together and I am using up fabric with lots of projects as previously reported. I did purchase backing fabric (muslin because I am frugal) not listed in the stash report. I am not reporting fabric needed to the B's-backing, borders or bindings. Joann's fabric purchases:

I bought lovely Vanna yarn and I decided not to be a label purist for my sampler afghan-- I purchased from a couple of companies in the same weight. I am making a modern interpretation of a 1977 granny square sampler in a Better Homes and Gardens book. I joined a Ravelry group for support. Here are the lovely yarns and the varigated pink in the inspiration yarn. It is a Redheart Yarn called "Pink Camoflage." All of the other yarns are Vanns's Choice. Do you see a decorating theme with my table runner in the background?

The hockey game was great, the Red Wings won! There is a St Patrick's Day game so I bought a green T Shirt with the Team logo on it. It was a lovely sunny trip down, Joann's yesterday am was fun. I had coupons (40-50%) and saved money which is the only way to shop, I rarely pay full price. I ate at my favorite resturants.
DS was sick when we left, grandma took care of him and by Sat am he was better so my fears were relieved. Our trip home yesterday was stressful. A snowstorm came. We recieved about 8 inches. The state is so poor that on the weekends the snowplows are NOT out opening up the roads much. So there was some drifts to drive through.
I am getting my first cup of coffee and then to create...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday in Hockeytown!!

I have today off from work because I am leaving this afternoon for the 4 hour trip to watch a Red Wings hockey game. I am excited. My DH and I get to spend the night (alone) and head home tomorrow. I get to go to a Joann's!! Maybe some Vanna yarn and muslin will be on sale. I have 2 coupons too. I told my DH he may need to go through the checkout line because I don't think you can use 2 coupons in one order. He replied, "maybe we just need to find another Joann's on the way home." I am going to try to hold him to his word.

I have been doing hand work. Sewing binding on the Sister's Choice. I'm halfway there. I have made more yo-yo's. I have been knitting dishcloths. Here is a photo of my progress.

Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day

I did accomplish nearly everything I had planned on my list that I posted a few days ago for my holiday weekend. I put a border on Road to the White House today. I did NOT baste the posie top because I didn't have enough material to back it. I did NOT mail my heart strings blocks, no mail, duh I forgot. I WILL do these things!!

I am sooo upset at my local merchants. I tried to find some Vanna yarn and all I could find were a couple of colors at 2 stores at over $5 a skein. Online it was $2.50. The first granny square on my sampler takes 7 colors!! It is so expensive to live here. I checked for fabrics too and nothing for today. I just want some muslin but I am NOT paying $7 a yard.

So, I needed to turn my attention to things I could do. I bought the yo-yo maker, remember? So I made yo-yo's. I love making them, how fun! Here are my results-

I want to make a little coverlet sized top. I have only a couple of hundred to go.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tutorial for Black and White "X" Block Exchange

Here it is!! The tutorial for the next block exchange. The plan for our exchange date is going to be in early November. Have fun sewing. Be sure to pick true whites, no creams. The fabrics need to "read" black and white. The punch of color in the middle "X" needs to be your favorite color or pattern. Please choose something that is a saturated color for best contrast. This is a 4x4 block. Click on photo for larger view. This is an exchange for my local circle of friends.

1. Cut 12- black 3.5" squares, 4- contrast color 3.5" squares, and 32 -white 1.5" squares

2. Sew the white squares (on the diagonal) to 2 opposing corners on the black and contrast color squares. Remember you may draw a sewing line but I just "eyeball" the seam. If you are going to deviate, :) like I always do, -from the straight line diagonal -always deviate to the center of the square NOT toward the corner or your square will not be the right size.

3. Cut the tips off the white squares 1/4" from the seam allowance.

Press open. Square up the unit to 3.5"

4. Arrange in the "X" pattern as shown , and square up to 12.5".

Have fun, if there are any questions please leave me a comment or email me.

Sunday Stash report and progess

Sunday stash report is first. I used about 2 yards of fabrics adding borders and bindings. I am really liking how the 4 patch posie is looking see pic below. I won't show a pic of the Sister's Choice until I have the binding hand stitched down. That is a triple decker flannel quilt--all three layers are flannel-- and I decided it is a quilt for subzero temps. Wow is it warm!!

I am focusing most of the quilts I am making on a smaller size. I am making them about twin sized or smaller for use on the back of my couch. I have an aversion to making larger quilt due to the sheer bulk. I made one queen sized and decided never again.

I had a nice afternoon with Mom. We did a little shopping. I purchased the following at our LQS. I love yo-yo's. I love hand work. I thought the perfect stashbuster would be a yo-yo quilt. I thought the yo-yo maker would make it easier. We were given a free Valentine fat quarter. It is so cute.

I mailed out the pincushions. Here is a pic of one that I made first and thought the others turned out nicer so I kept it for myself. I thought they turned out nicely and I thought they were CUTE. I forgot to get a pic of them but I am sure pics will be posted when recieved, I will add the links. They are all different colors. I used this tutorial for the pattern. Free internet patterns, how cool is that.

On the yarn segment of my life, yes, I do alot more than quilt! I joined a group on ravelry that is working on a granny afghan I saw many years ago. It is featured in the 1977 BHG book Crocheting and Knitting that was my Grandmother-in-law's and I was given this book in the late 80's. Wow, how's that for dating myself. I absolutely love every project in this book. I want to make this "so ugly it's cool" afghan in modern colors and maybe follow others (in this group's) lead by using Vanna's yarn. I have been tempted to buy this yarn when it first came out but had no plan, well that has all changed. I really enjoy making all kinds of squares must be the inner quilter :). My yarn stash is nearly busted, yeah, I can feel guilt free in purchasing for a purpose.

Two more days of nothing but crafting as Monday is President's Day and no WORK!!! The house is nearly clean and laundry , shhhh, nearly caught up. Friday our car's radiator blew up, so I have relied on Mom for a car until the DH and DS are back this afternoon. Soooo, an occasional weekend without family turned out to be ok. Yes, I know it was Valentine's Day, and to day is my 23rd anniversary but DH and I are going out next weekend for an overnight date. Hockey, Joann's are on the agenda. I was a little disappointed that the youth retreat was this weekend but once I got over it , the weekend has been good. My DH love chaperoning youth group events and I feel better that one of us is there on these trips. I just like peace when I am not working, I have too much craziness and stress. He likes the energy and events with the kids.....

3:30pm Just wanted to show the Santa at the glued stage. I had the base done-his coat. I did the rest today and it took me 3 hours. I free handed the leaves. I am going to embroider the holly berrys. I am excited because I am not a very proficient applique-er.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Thurday already!?!

Where did the week go? I haven't really accomplished much in the creative realm. I started my washcloth for the exchange. I love the yarn. It is called sea mist. I may need to make a few cloths for myself too!!

I am thinking about what I need to accomplish. This list is for my own organization:

  • 1. Add binding for Sister's Choice.
  • 2. Mail Pincushions-pics later
  • 3. Work on applique Santa ( and I thought I would be done by Christmas!!)
  • 4. Add border to 4 patch posies
  • 5. Add border to Road to the White House
  • 6. Mail heart strings blocks
  • 7. Baste posie top
I have a long weekend so I hope to accomplish much of the list. I know it is pretty ambitious but I have time to myself so I think some of it, if not all, is possible. I just feel like I am always behind recently. I also feel like I am getting a cold and that is probably why I feel like I am not (really not) getting much done.
Ok question for all readers-- I started a book. It is ok, not great, but I feel it is very sad and not uplifting. I think I am not going to finish it. That goes against my nature to not finish something that I am starting but I don't think I just want to invest any more time in this book. How many of you stop reading a book and never finish it?? I am disappointed because it was so highly recommended. I don't have a problem shutting off a bad movie, leaving a poor concert, or changing the channel on a TV show. Why is this so hard for me?
I think it is funny when I realize how many areas in life are motivated by guilt. You know, you have to finish things you start.
You have to exercise or you are bad. Chocolate is evil never ingest it. You have to work first, and if there is time play. How ridiculous. There is a time and a season for everything.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Stash Report

When you sew a few small projects at a time, things do add up in the stash report. I have been adding borders to a quilt. I have made some progress. The stash hasn't been purged of non quilting materials but with small usage the amount is getting smaller.
No new fabrics this week.
Total Stash 1.25 totes (down from 1.5 totes)

I have several tops to finish and I am really getting excited about using my new charm packs given to me at Christmas. Many ideas mulling around in my mind. I have a 4 patch ideas alternating with a solid. I saw a pattern with all charms set on point. It looks great!

In the knitting frontier, I have dishcloths to knit. I have 2 skeins of sock yarn that I bought but don't want to make socks. I want to make something ... maybe the dead fish hat on knitty.com. Does anyone have any ideas? I have toyed with making a table runner. It is a self striping yarn and I love that look. I have been searching Ravelry but havn't quite found anything that grabbed my attention.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A thaw for us finally!!

It is over 32 degrees today, finally, a thaw to get rid of the snow that is piling up. Our city's pipes are freezing and we have to run water 24/7 until further notice. The warmth is a nice break in all the below zero weather we have been experiencing over the past 6 weeks. Now if a little sun were to peek through my day would be complete.

I have the long borders on the afghan of many colors. I hope to have it finished soon. I need to but borders on 2 quilt tops that are together. I want to get quilting!! One maybe my machine, the Road to the white house, and the other, the 4 patch posies. I have signed up for a dish cloth exchange and I bought some yarn for that. Never a dull moment here!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nancy at Basket Master was kind enough to give me a blog award. Thanks Nancy! I love blogging and I love reading others. I am so inspired by seeing others work and ideas.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday Stash Report

Hey, finally some sewing and using up the stash. I am estimating that I used about 2 yards of fabric this week. I need to sort through the stash and weed out all of the left over non-quilting fabrics. I also need to start sorting scraps into strips and squares to help use up the fabrics.

I have about 1.5 totes of fabric
None added this week.
I really enjoyed the play last night. One of my coworkers was in the play. Great job. I enjoyed the night out. It was the first monthly date with my husband this year. In Feb. it will be a hockey game.

I signed up to go to a quilt retreat!! I am so excited I can't stand it. I think it is expensive so I hope it is going to be worth it. I am going with Mom and A.(of the Dear Jane fame at my block exchange party.) We are going to see Mark Lipinski, love his magazine. I am doing extra work , etc. so I can have extra money to pay for this and to have some change for purchases at the retreat.

Off to buy snacks for the Super Bowl--Go Cardinals!