Thursday, April 30, 2009

More blocks

I think I found a better background fabric. It just jumped into my cart at the last trip to Joann's. It was all I bought, really, it was. I like it with the blocks I have made. I think I am going to make a 12 block sampler.

I think that the Scottie dog was a little harder than I expected. I did hand sew it on with pearle cotton. Applique is not fun for me.

I am going back to Joann's tomorrow, I have another appointment in TC. It is a good thing that the nearest Joann's is 45 miles away. I am also going to the quilt shop over there. It has a FQ sale starting tomorrow. When I was there Wednesday, I scoped out the ones I want. I think I will get about 5 FQ's. The deal is 10 for $20. That is sale priced, her fabric is very expensive but very, very nice. Mom is driving me over and we are going to split the deal.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Stash Report and my flower fairy

I have not added any fabric this week. I plan to go to Joann's though later this week and I need to purchase a background fabric for my Victory Quilt sampler.

I have used about a 1/2 yard on my little 6" blocks and the half dozen or so yo-yo's I have made.

I am less than one tote full!! YESSS! And I have actually enjoyed the piecing I have done. That has not always been true in the past.

I have a bone grinding fatigue setting in now. Unfortunately, that is a side effect of the lack of thyroid and I can't start any until the treatments and scans are complete. So my productivity is poor all around. I am doing a lot of idea gathering and dreaming about what I want to do and slowly poking around my creative projects. I am trying to be OK with that. OK ,I am alright with that.

I made the little flower fairy for my gnome and fairy centerpiece today. I have accessories to make and I need more people turnings before I can make more folks. I love making them. I really think they are cute.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here is my Quilt Studio

...otherwise known as the dining room. I have been trying to get the Brave world block done and so far it is not turning out. I will try again tomorrow. It will be my third attempt. No photo of these disasters!

I am using my cookbook holder to keep my Quilt book accessible. If you look in the background my ironing board is there. All the supplies are near and ready to go. I can also watch TV in the next room if I want to.

I am hoping to get a gnome and fairy flower center piece made this weekend after I purchase a few supplies. Wee Folkart has super cute patterns for these and other items.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Stash report and weekend blocks

I used about 1/2 yard making the 6 inch blocks this week. I love the Victory Quilt book and plan to make the sampler. I am using fabric scraps I have. I am not 100% sold on the blue background fabric. I will keep looking I think.
I also sorted through my fabrics this week and any poly blend fabrics, super ugly or old 80's fabulous fabrics that I was NEVER going to use I threw out. I have about 90% of my tote full. I am feeling so happy that I will make my goal of having 50% full of the tote.
My hands are a little sore and swollen. So my hand work is slowed down. As my hands improve and they will with the balancing out of my thyroid meds in the next month, finishes will be cranked out. I am just going slow and pacing myself for now. So yo-yo's, hand quilting , crocheting and knitting are slow or on hold.
I wanted to share a funny story about our yard clean up. My DH is raking with the teenaged DS. I can't help this year since my surgery. So I had to leave the pruning and flower bed clean up to the family. I heard the raking going, then I heard the chain saw. I assumed the trees were being pruned. They were but so was my privet bushes right to the ground. In DH's defense, they will most likely need to be moved because they are close to the house and decking -that needs to be replaced. I sighed deeply then laughed. They will grow!
I yard is raked up. More bags are needed to finish. The snow is still in a couple of shaded spots and then that will be ready. It was so nice yesterday. Today is cold and I heard that snow flurries may be in the forecast on Tues. Sigh, many years snow flies on Mother's day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

1941 Star

Here is another 6" cutie. I loved this block. It went together so nicely. I am going to use up so many little scraps with my smaller block ideas. I want to set this on point too.

I love this Victory Quilts book.

Spring is in the air. Most of the snow is gone, and raking the yard had been started by DH. I have some iris and poppy plants started. I even have some lawn furniture this year to properly sit on the patio, instead of camping chairs like last year. I want to be able to be outside and work on hand work or read.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Small block

Here is my first attempt at a small block. I think that I can make small blocks after all. I have to keep practicing but I am making the Victory Quilts sampler from Quilt In a Day.

I have made 2 more granny squares and have reached the half way point in that project.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Stash Report

Sunday Report

Purchased Fabric: 2 yards on sale at $4 a yard and a Valentine Charm pack from Moda. Couldn't pass it up at the Quilt shop
None out.

Tote is full but not spilling over. I am going to make my goal to have 1/2 tote of scraps.
Here is the picture with the mistake in my assembly of the Comfort Quilt. I didn't follow the directions well enough, but it wasn't costly in fabric just time. It needed a couple of lattice strips added and then the setting triangles. I found the mistake adding the last triangle on the corner. It was a grrrrr moment but this was my first attempt at an on point setting, so I shouldn't have expected to go perfectly.

And here is the finished product.

On to a 6 inch block quilt from the Victory Quilt book by Eleanor Burns, the sampler and my first attempt at smaller blocks. I am going to keep getting smaller and smaller. I will need to learn paper piecing next then the Civil War Diary quilt by the end of the year.
Happy Easter all!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trying to be in the old routine

I am released by the Doctor to go back to work and I have no restrictions, yea! But my first day was Tuesday and I was dragging by the afternoon. I think today will be better and I have Friday off for Easter, a short week to ease back into work. Here is what is on the needles.

I am trying to be full steam ahead but my body isn't quite there so exercising is slow. My son bought Wii fit so I have been trying some of those exercises. How fun, wish I had that as a kid.

I have been making progress on the Comfort quilt top. I am pleased with the assembly process. I love Eleanor Burns books, sometimes I need it totally explained and measured out. No costly mistakes.

I went to Joann's Monday after the appointments with Dr. I bought another yo yo maker, a flower one. I think it would make interesting borders to a coverlet. I have my Mom and sister trying them. I needed a few colors to finish the Granny Square afghan.

It has lightly snowed all week for Spring Break. DS is sick. Hopefully the weekend will bring spring like weather. I can't wait!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Stash report and sneak preview

I have used about 6 yards of fabric this week for the Comfort quilt top and making some yo-yo's.

Yes I am seeing a difference in my stash size already. I have one full 73 quart tote and it is down from 1.5 totes. I didn't add any more to the stash. I have many small scraps left and virtually no larger cuts of 1 or more yards.

Here is a sneak preview of my Comfort quilt on the "design wall" of mine. Yep the dining room table works best for me. Here is all of the blocks on the background and lattice fabric.

Today was a day of knitting a new little scarf out of sock yarn that is self striping. I like it. I finished reading a book that I recieved for Christmas. I was the first book of the "Daughters of Lancaster County" series. I liked it, it was sweet, sad and slightly predictable but a nice easy read for a Sunday afternoon.

I also finished cutting out the setting strips and triangles for the Comfort Quilt pictured. I was surprised by a visit from my siblings and their kids. All in all a wonderful Palm Sunday.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Robins are here

I saw the first robin's of the year over the last few days. It is one of the first signs of spring. Then it snowed on them but that is usual for our weather. I have seen a little growth in the garden but if it would quit snowing on the plants there would be more!! Ahh, soon, the snow will be gone and out of the forcast. I am so ready. I went for a ride with my Dad yesterday but we didn't see much spring. Lots of ice and snow and wind all over Northern Michigan, little bit of sun and a wonderful lunch.

I have been working on the same things Comfort quilt blocks, hand quilting and crocheting. Nothing new for a photo. I have been slowly exercising and trying to work up to a usual schedule of activity. I have been feeling good and do more and more every day. Here is the example from the pattern book for Comfort Quilts setting. I like it and will try my hand at it.