Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Stash Report

I am contining my 6 inch blocks for the Victory quilts (brighter blocks, pieced) and the longer term project Civil War Diary Quilt (muted, paper pieced). Love them both and I like both piecing techniques. The first block sky rocket is hard to get the right size and the points will get clipped when setting into the quilt. I think I need to try that one again.

Over the past month, I have finally hit using 1-2 yards of fabric. Then yesterday I purchased a grab bag with lots of scraps including the Hushabye from Moda for 10$ what a bargain!! I was going to buy 2 fat quarters for $6 , for a block exchange I am in...when I saw this, I had to buy it. It has tons of hushabye in it and some other great pieces. So my tote is still full and has another .25 floating around in other bins. I am on a quest to make tops right now, just because I have a need to make them. Finishing will be later.

Ok so my DH and I decided this is the year to lose wieght and get in shape. We are both overweight and having the health concerns that develop in your 40's. I have lost 4 pounds this month, yea me. He has lost 19 POUNDS this month. Yea him but it just isn't fair, is it!!!! He is more disciplined in eating and I am more disciplined in exercising. Both are needed but watching what goes in makes a huge difference.

January is the month that drives me to look for something new and different because of what we here in the north call "cabin fever." Too many cold, grey days makes me a little restless. I am looking at ways to change things up and do things differently. Any one else have the 'cabin fever' like me?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today I was feeling great about this block. It went together in record time. I was thinking to myself, this paper piecing is not so hard. I think I am becoming a Master paper piecer, I could take on any pattern, I could have these blocks done in record time....then I sewed my last piece on and flipped it over.

The pieces were all in place, properly today. Then I noticed a hole worn in the center of a piece in the middle. Of Course!! No problem, I just take off 2 pieces then fix it. Well, that's when it all went wrong. The fabric tore cutting it apart. I had to cut more pieces. Then I cut the tip off the paper. It is finished, no holes, the pieces are in proper order and I thought this was overall an easier block. Better than the one I thought would be easy yesterday. Well, I have got tons to learn and NEVER think that it is going so well again.

I thought I better stop sewing while I was ahead and do more tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I made two blocks today. One for each quilt. I made so many mistakes on the civil war quilt block, so, done is better than perfect!! I removed the seams several times and I am afraid to take it apart again or the seams will tear the fabric. I think it is ok as is just don't look it up in the book to compare to the pattern.

The star turned out cute. I love the fabrics in this collection.

Now to watch Biggest Loser and be inspired... and over come my craving for potato chips and dip.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday's Blocks

I completed three blocks tonight. The first two are from the Civil War Diary Quilt book. They are both 6 inch and paper pieced. I am reading each diary entry that corresponds with the blocks. One was so touching about being spared, so far at the time of the writing, from the horrors of the war. Real people living through hard times--not just an event in my history books.

The next block is pieced and the third block of 20 for my Victory quilt. I love these bright, vibrant fabrics that are inspired by the 40's. More history!! Over time I have learned so much and love history thanks to my husband's deep interest in it. And the History channel.

I have three tops going at once. Hmmm. A long term, short term and intermediate term project. Don't worry they will get done.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I have been up to this afternoon

I did decided to start my Victory Quilt with the Victory Garden fabrics. This is a Quilt in a day design and I have the book. It is the best one Eleanor Burns has published, I think.

I made one last spring in scrappy colors. I wanted a white background to go with the patriotic theme in the 40's fabrics. I needed the bright colors to counteract the drab January grey days.
These are also 6 inch blocks but pieced.

Sunday Stash Reports

I have been sewing nearly every day on the little Civil War Diary Quilt blocks and only about a yard of fabric was used. 23 done. I am sewing lots of blocks but I need to get some quilts done!!! I have about 1.25 totes full of fabrics.

I went to another quilt shop and bought a yard of the red Victory Garden fabric from Eleanor Burn's line for a border for that quilt. I think I will start it today. I need a break from paper piecing, it gets my nerves going at times.

The worst thing about having my thyoid removed is getting the meds adjusted. I am over corrected on my thyroid, I believe, so now I feel jittery, heart rate is resting at 100. I have lowered my meds but it takes weeks to get a change. Sigh, I knew it would happen at some point as my levels were approaching normal. Stupid meds!!

I am halfway there on finishing my first prayer shawl!! Now, where is my morning coffee...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Today's block is called Rachel's Frustrations. Hmmmm, a good name for a pinwheel block :) I have a little bit of trouble with the triangles in the middle yet.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I had a full day of work, 20 min of step aerobics on the Wii, sewed one block exchange block and one CWDQ block.

I love Biggest Loser and tonight was good. Hmmmm, I wonder who will win. I have my favorites already....Grey team? Black Team?

Monday, January 18, 2010

The end of a nice day off

But I must admit, I am ready to go back to work. I was starting to get a little bored and lonely. Weird to admit cause when I'm at work all I want is to get home and settle in my little house.

Recap of today, up early to take hubby to work -530am. Then I had my hair cut at 9. I was getting bored to I went to Grayling by 10 and visited the quilt shop there. Moda precuts were on sale. I had to buy some!! Remember, I have never met a charm pack I didn't like? They had many there. Now I need some good ideas for all my new purchases. EQ6 here I come!!

I came home and did tons of laundry and cleaning. I knitted on my prayer shawl. I sewed 4 block exchange blocks.

Then I made one CWDQ block.

I went to the gym with DH and worked out on the eliptical trainer and exercise bike. I am out of shape but felt good afterwards. DS had school and wrestilng practice.

The Mythbusters marathon kept me company and I watched the new one tonight. Love this show.

All in all a nice holiday. I felt I did complete most of my goals for the quiltathon. I hoped to baste a top and start quilting but that will be next on the list.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Quiltathon update

I made 4 blocks for an exchange. I need to make about 20 more, it is a pattern. I love the easy sewing on a Sunday afternoon. The colors are very different for me and after all the Civil war repros a nice change.

I went for a walk and froze, the high was 33 today. Getting out was nice though. We renewed the gym membership and I am going tomorrow to use the eliptical trainer. I am going to pass on the weights for a while.

Ahh, another day off so I get an extended quiltathon.

Sunday Stash and Quiltathon Report

I went to the Quilt shop and spent the rest of money given to me as Christmas gifts. I bought a Hello Betty Layer Cake, a little cupcake, Happy Campers Charm pack and a yard of White on White for the block exchange with my friends. I also needed more foundation paper for the Civil war Diary Quilt I am making.

I am stuffing my tote to overflowing. I think I have about 1.25 totes. NOW I need to sew and only buy for the backing and borders. You know, I have never met a charm pack, layer cake, jelly roll or cup cake that I didn't like!!

I have been home for my three day weekend. I sewed 4 CVDQ blocks. I found that all this paper piecing makes my neck and back hurt. I will start on easy blocks for my exchange with local friends ( see link in corner) -today to keep the tasks from stressing my neck.

The easiest block I had to sew each piece three times and I threw out one disaster. Why?????????????????? Done, not perfect.

Check out what everyone else is doing at for their quiltathon and stashbusting efforts!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The countdown to a three day weekend

I have Monday off for MLK day and I am planning a ton of sewing. I have my block exchange to do, we are planning to exchange in March. I want to quilt my X quilt and do more CWDQ blocks. I think it is doable!!

Here is an easy block but WOW did I have trouble with it. Pieces backwards, fussy points.... But it is finished and will pass for the quilt. It is called Metting General Lee and the diary entry is interesting from a woman who was a spy during the war. I read yesterday that 150 years since the war is in 2011. I have photos of my relatives during that time. It is a strange thought to look at them and know it was so long ago.

I have been trying to really rehabilitate myself this past month. I had surgery 9 months ago and had a tumor removed along with my entire thyroid. I had radioactive iodine treatments in May. I am finally at normal thyroid levels with meds. I do not feel as physically strong as I was before the surgery. I am making an effort to exercise more-increased intensity, duration. I am dieting. I am still having some soreness in my neck and it does limit what I do. I guess it is time to just ignore it and push on. I need to type for work-soreness. I play vioin-soreness. Knitting or crocheting for causes tenderness. I guess the muscles just need to work more. I have been told I can do whatever I want. So, I think I will. :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I made a little more complicated block tonight. I thought that it was easier than a block with triangles but it took a long time! I am really feeling more confident with each block I make.

I had questions about my quilt yesterday. The Civil War Diary Quilt is a book written by Rosemary Youngs. There are 121 blocks in the book. They are six inches. I purchased the companion CD that prints the foundation patterns out in EQ6. I have been reading the diary entry from the civil war that inspired the block after I complete it. It is a way to make history come alive.

I am still sticking to the diet and exercise plan. I need to exercise more but I have lost a couple of pounds. The doctor told me I lost 10 pounds last year total. Hey, it is better than gaining!! Now for the next 10.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I made this block yesterday afternoon:

I made this easy Monday evening one today:

And I finally figured out how to add a photo "badge", I think flickr is so hard to use. I was found it a little more user friendly on the updated site today.

I have been doing research on several quilts I want to make in the future. I was disappointed to find the CD in the Farmer's Wife book was a template only CD. I will draft my own blocks in EQ and this will be good practice for me.

I need a snack, this diet and exercise program is getting to me.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sunday Stash Report

I used less than a yard this week making my 6 inch blocks. I have made 11 of the Civil War Diary Quilt blocks. I like the project so far. My fabric total stays at one full tote.

I went to the quilt shop today but didn't buy any fabrics! I did buy some thread and batting. I would like to get another top basted this week.

Here are the two blocks I made Saturday.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The block for my day. Sometimes, I think, less is more. I like it that way in music, decorating and quilting. I love this little, simple block. I could showcase my Civil War Crossing charm pack. This is going to be a true scrap quilt, but I am trying to use repro fabrics when possible.

I wish I could figure out how to import my block photos into EQ6. I will try again tomorrow when I am fresh. I need to keep track of the blocks finished and put them in a quilt template. I love this program. I have figured out so much already, I want to utilize it to it's fullest potential. Kinda like me!! :)
Another first today, was eating at a new resturant in town. I loved the food. Now to stick to the diet and exercise for the rest of the week to counteract my meal.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Calling all paper piecers!

I have completed two more blocks. I nearly threw out the three columned block because it is so short on the sides. I wasn't sure about the seam allowances being big enough so I will remake this one for a quilt. I will frame it or something.

My question is this, when do you tear off the paper ? Do you sew the blocks together and then tear it off or do you remove it before setting into the top? I have never paper pieced and was looking at the sides of the pinwheel block and thought it might be pretty stretchy....

What are some tips for paper piecing that you may have for me? I really need tips for future reference. I have learned that the pieces I cut need to be a lot bigger than I think. I also iron and use some light starch (Best Press) to assist in my sharp points.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Stash Report and the return to normal

This was a very good week for using the fabrics I have on hand. I made 4 tote bags that used about 8 yards of fabric total. Here is a picture of my tote bag. Note the use of Texture Magic on the contrasting color at the bottom. It was extra effort that was well worth it.

I am going to measure my useage of fabrics by my full tote. It holds 73 quarts by the label. It is full. Plus, I have a stash of gifted preprinted panels in my closet. I would like to use up half of a tote. I had a goal last year to have half of a tote and I was very close, then I had several occasions (Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc.) happen where I was gifted fabric and purchased some sale items. Full tote!! Yea me, I have lots of beautiful fabrics.

I am glad that I used up so much fabric last year. I really don't have a huge stash of fabrics. I just want to not recklessly purchase items without a plan. I will need to buy fabrics for backing and borders. I don't have a lot of large pieces or yardage of fabrics.

I plan to use up my civil war fabrics by making a Civil War Diary Quilt. I have several yards of repro fabric for the sashings and maybe enough for the back that I used a Christmas gift certificate on.

If I get that pieced this year, then I want to make a Farmer's Wife Quilt. My mom recieved this wonderful book and CD from a friend. It is so pretty, a must for my list of things to make. Dear Jane will have to wait and I need more paper piecing skills.

Today I pieced three blocks of the CWDQ. I threw one away after I ripped it so many time I cut a hole in it. Crap!! The other block has an error in the piecing (I swear I followed the numbers and they were wrong!!) But, I learned many things and I will use the blocks pictured. I made the eight pointed star yesterday.

The living room was returned to normal this afternoon once the tree and Christmas decorations were put away. Tomorrow is back to work after a 2 week staycation. Back to the normal routine. Sigh, up at 5 am tomorrow, that is going to come very early.