Monday, January 18, 2010

The end of a nice day off

But I must admit, I am ready to go back to work. I was starting to get a little bored and lonely. Weird to admit cause when I'm at work all I want is to get home and settle in my little house.

Recap of today, up early to take hubby to work -530am. Then I had my hair cut at 9. I was getting bored to I went to Grayling by 10 and visited the quilt shop there. Moda precuts were on sale. I had to buy some!! Remember, I have never met a charm pack I didn't like? They had many there. Now I need some good ideas for all my new purchases. EQ6 here I come!!

I came home and did tons of laundry and cleaning. I knitted on my prayer shawl. I sewed 4 block exchange blocks.

Then I made one CWDQ block.

I went to the gym with DH and worked out on the eliptical trainer and exercise bike. I am out of shape but felt good afterwards. DS had school and wrestilng practice.

The Mythbusters marathon kept me company and I watched the new one tonight. Love this show.

All in all a nice holiday. I felt I did complete most of my goals for the quiltathon. I hoped to baste a top and start quilting but that will be next on the list.

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Mary-Kay said...

I worked out a little bit today on the WII. I did 30 minutes of step-aerobics plus I went furniture browsing and walked around a bit there. I also walked 6 miles or so. But I do that every day. I'm so used to walking that I have to do other stuff to try and lose weight. I'm working on it.