Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I made a little more complicated block tonight. I thought that it was easier than a block with triangles but it took a long time! I am really feeling more confident with each block I make.

I had questions about my quilt yesterday. The Civil War Diary Quilt is a book written by Rosemary Youngs. There are 121 blocks in the book. They are six inches. I purchased the companion CD that prints the foundation patterns out in EQ6. I have been reading the diary entry from the civil war that inspired the block after I complete it. It is a way to make history come alive.

I am still sticking to the diet and exercise plan. I need to exercise more but I have lost a couple of pounds. The doctor told me I lost 10 pounds last year total. Hey, it is better than gaining!! Now for the next 10.


Mary-Kay said...

Hey I found those 10 lbs and can't lose them no matter what. It's like a stray dog that follows you home.

Jackie said...

There are a lot of pieces in that block!

Great job on the 10 pounds. I found them this year too! Next time please pass them to someone else!!!