Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Stash Report

I am contining my 6 inch blocks for the Victory quilts (brighter blocks, pieced) and the longer term project Civil War Diary Quilt (muted, paper pieced). Love them both and I like both piecing techniques. The first block sky rocket is hard to get the right size and the points will get clipped when setting into the quilt. I think I need to try that one again.

Over the past month, I have finally hit using 1-2 yards of fabric. Then yesterday I purchased a grab bag with lots of scraps including the Hushabye from Moda for 10$ what a bargain!! I was going to buy 2 fat quarters for $6 , for a block exchange I am in...when I saw this, I had to buy it. It has tons of hushabye in it and some other great pieces. So my tote is still full and has another .25 floating around in other bins. I am on a quest to make tops right now, just because I have a need to make them. Finishing will be later.

Ok so my DH and I decided this is the year to lose wieght and get in shape. We are both overweight and having the health concerns that develop in your 40's. I have lost 4 pounds this month, yea me. He has lost 19 POUNDS this month. Yea him but it just isn't fair, is it!!!! He is more disciplined in eating and I am more disciplined in exercising. Both are needed but watching what goes in makes a huge difference.

January is the month that drives me to look for something new and different because of what we here in the north call "cabin fever." Too many cold, grey days makes me a little restless. I am looking at ways to change things up and do things differently. Any one else have the 'cabin fever' like me?


SpinningStar said...

The blocks are looking good. But, it sure takes a while for the yardage to add up!

Keep going on the weight loss program!


Mary-Kay said...

Everyone seems to be in the losing weight mode. I find it hard to lose but my DH is like yours loses it fast and easy where I have to work really hard to lose it. Keep it up and in no time you'll be the next Sports Illustrated cover. Me too!

Quiltsmiles said...

I know what you mean about cabin fever. Never realized I was subjected to SAD until I went to Florida last year and the sun was shining! Imagine that. Now I make sure even on the weekends to get outside to soak up what little light coes through. Great find on you bag of fabrics. Jane

JudyL said...

I love grab bags! Good luck with the weight loss. Winters are so hard for me to lose (and easy for me to gain).

Lori in South Dakota said...

Men are always more disciplined because "they wait for women to plop the food in front of them"! It's hard, I love to cook and bake and we just can't EAT all that stuff anymore. So now when I feel the urge I try to make it and pass it out among friends and relatives. And the cold icy snowy weather here sure hinders exercise. My favorite exercise is riding my bike, but that's out at the moment!