Monday, January 11, 2010

I made this block yesterday afternoon:

I made this easy Monday evening one today:

And I finally figured out how to add a photo "badge", I think flickr is so hard to use. I was found it a little more user friendly on the updated site today.

I have been doing research on several quilts I want to make in the future. I was disappointed to find the CD in the Farmer's Wife book was a template only CD. I will draft my own blocks in EQ and this will be good practice for me.

I need a snack, this diet and exercise program is getting to me.


Brenda said...

Do not let the exercise and diet 'get to you'!!!!! this is not punishment!!! "Diet" is just a way to eat, and if you have changed the way you eat then, hey it's your new 'diet'! And, yes, SNACK!!!!!! Do not ever let yourself go hungry. that is where the problems comes in, where you feel you've 'failed'. Uh, no. You never fail. Your body is going through some changes here, muscles are being produced, and you are cleaning out your system. This takes energy, hence, food is need to keep the engines running. Just don't choose donuts!!! ;-)

Lori in South Dakota said...

civil war diary quilt--tell me more on this project! And the green gown--I actually "snagged" the photo from a website that makes and sells reproduction gowns. So, you COULD have one like it. They have several styles of gowns to choose from!