Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday's Blocks

I completed three blocks tonight. The first two are from the Civil War Diary Quilt book. They are both 6 inch and paper pieced. I am reading each diary entry that corresponds with the blocks. One was so touching about being spared, so far at the time of the writing, from the horrors of the war. Real people living through hard times--not just an event in my history books.

The next block is pieced and the third block of 20 for my Victory quilt. I love these bright, vibrant fabrics that are inspired by the 40's. More history!! Over time I have learned so much and love history thanks to my husband's deep interest in it. And the History channel.

I have three tops going at once. Hmmm. A long term, short term and intermediate term project. Don't worry they will get done.

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