Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday stash report and update

I sewed two 6 inch blocks out of Civil war repro fabrics over the past 2 weeks. I Sewed a half of a dozed block exchange blocks that are 10 inches. Hmmm, I don't think I used a yard. But I didn't buy any either.

Tote is still full plus about a quarter of another tote full.

Contrasts. That is today and most Sundays for me. I have to decide: Will I go to Church and Sunday School or just Church? Will finish cleaning up or not? The contrast of being very happy I have the day off plus knowing it is the last one of the weekend and feeling bittersweet about it. The contrast of wanting to use up fabric for the stash report or hang on to it because it is so pretty and cutting it is too hard.

Good news, DH passed his stone yesterday. Maybe my worrying about it can stop now. DS is still coughing after 2 antibiotics, anti-imflammatories and inhalers but is improving. It has been an emotional 2 weeks. Plus, not getting the long arm up and running like I wanted to. We did figure out how to wind a bobbin. Lessons and tune up is on Tues.

I want to get this house straightened up including the closets. I started in the kitchen yesterday. I will try to sort a little daily and get the ball rolling.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


This block is called Sad and lonely days in the Civil War Diary Quilt book. It has 72 little pieces and took approximately 5 hours to make. I had to do it in several sewing sessions. I like how it turned out. It went together pretty well but so many little pieces!

So much to learn

The Jewel longarm is going to be tuned up by the shop next week while Mom and I get some lessons on longarm basics. I/we jammed the bobbin and I want a professional diagnosis and repair if needed. :( Needless to say, frustration set it but hasn't overwhelmed us!!

I haven't even pulled the bobbin winder out of the case and need to learn how to use it. The frame is huge and I think the quilt is loaded right but we will get all the basics at our complimentary lessons that come with the purchase of the machine. Then watch out world, Mom and I will be quilting!!!

In the meantime, I am still making the same block I started last week for the CVDQ. I counted and it has 72 pieces. No wonder it is taking me so long!! I hope to have it completed tonight and be photo ready.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jewel is here

Here is a bullet point run down of my last few days.
-Received longarm on Sat
-Weekend spent with hubby setting up the frame, YES!!! He did a great job
-Hubby is still sick and passing a kidney stone BOOOO!!!
-Mom and I spent a couple of hours attaching the leader cloths to the frame last night.
-We stated quilting, OH BOY!!
- I jammed the bobbin in the machine, booo, I can't thread a machine right for anything!!
-Calling the dealer for advice this morning
-Re -watching the videos and doing lots of research today

The learning curve is on.

So I have sewed a couple of blocks and I am getting back at the longarm tonight after work to see if I can get it up and running with a little help from my friends and family.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

more paper piecing fun!!

This was a bit more challenging for me. I think the cold I have is interfering with my reasoning abilities!! It took me 2 sessions to piece it. I think it turned out great!! I had my doubts on the first day.

I am dealing with a cold, a sick son, husband passing a kidney stone and then my washtub in the basement flooded. Just what I needed!! Oh well, nothing was damaged. I think I will watch more Olympics and enjoy the evening!

Block Exchange!

Here are a few pictures of the progress of the Civil War Diary quilt blocks:

For my local friends, I believe our exchange will be in the middle of March. I need to confirm and post the exact date and time. Plan to exchange 12 blocks. I am making 24 or more to have a bigger quilt. Pattern is the bakeshop pattern in the side bar.

I have found a pattern that is taking me several days to piece. The Civil War Diary Quilt has some small blocks that try my patience. I sew a little at a time and put it down.

Our longarm is at the store!!!! My Mom and I will pick it up Saturday and our business is officially started. We are practicing and getting ready to take on customer quilts. Any advice on starting up our business? I am so excited.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday stash report

I purchased one charm pack, Moda Civil War Homefront to go with my dwindling Civil War Diary Quilt. My reproduction fabrics are dwindling fast!!

I have sewed about 1/2 yard of blocks this week. I have about a stash that is 1 and 1/4 totes. I am waiting for the long arm quilter to be delivered, it was snowed in last we knew somewhere in the Midwest. Boy do I have the quilt tops to practice on. I have some concern that I will be any good at this but then I remind myself I can do it on my regular sewing machine.

And if you read my previous posts, my Happy Anniversary weekend was visited by a kidney stone for my husband. He is still having problems. We are still in a hotel and did what we wanted but he has felt better, believe me. We are heading home today.

When I get home I am jumping on the Quiltathon with Judy, see what everyone else is up to a Patchwork Times.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Our Romantic getaway was rudely interrupted last evening by a kidney stone. My husband was in the ER for much of the night and it was confirmed. So he is sleeping right now and I am off to find a pharmacy. We are 2 hours from home and in a beautiful hotel. At least the king sized bed with luxury down pillows is comfortable.

I think our anniversary weekend is jinxed EVERY time we plan something like this someone is sick or something big comes up. I think we will make a new anniversary weekend date to throw off the gremilins of fun.

Sooooo, the stay at home quiltathon is going on at Patchwork times. I think I will join in once I get home and I have Monday off too so I can catch up!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I managed to cut and sew half of a block exchange block last night. Didn't get it done. I was caught up in doing dished and watching Biggest Loser. Today is a new day.

Here is the kit Mom bought for me at the super bowl sale. The pattern is in it. It will be a good quilt to practice longarm quilting on because of all the open space. The machine is coming on Saturday. I can't wait. I also purchased the little precuts.

My anniversary is the weekend. 24 years. We are going to Frankenmouth and having a nice weekend. DS is going to a church camp retreat for the weekend. Can't say we have every done this before without children, meeting friends or other relatives. It will be a nice time just us.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I have been working on my Victory Quilt by Eleanor Burns, with fabrics designed for this project. I am not replicating the quilt exactly as pictured for many reasons. I don't have enough of all of the fabrics pictured. And I like to do my own thing with my favorite fabrics.

I purchased the fat quarter bundle and it was the last in the shop last summer. Recently when I went back to the shop in East Jordan, the Victory Garden line had a few bolts on sale. I bought up the red for a border. I thought maybe I would use it for sashing...

After looking at this photo the answer is no!! White sashing with this red as a final border and cornerstones. Well, that is the plan so far.

Yesterday was a nice day with friends and family for Super Bowl Sunday. We broke the diet a bit with chocolate pie, chips, dips and chili. Back on the "eating plan" today with exercise.

My son had photos with his wrestling team to make a memory book for his coach. One of the team's relative is a beautician and cut and HIGHLIGHTED the hair of every one on the team. Needless to say my DD saw that on facebook and called. We wouldn't let her get highlights in high school. Let's see, his were $5 for materials and a team tradition ( I am so thankful that they quit bleaching all of their hair blonde like they did a few years ago!!). Her idea was $50 (we were broke at the time), and BLUE or PINK highlights. She is married and in college now. She laughed and was ok with it really.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Stash Report

I have been sewing 6 inch blocks nearly every day and I estimate I used up about 1 yard. No new fabrics this week, but the Super Bowl sale is today at the quilt shop. I will check it out and most likely make a little purchase. Just little! I have 1.25 tote full and I am going to purge the old scraps that are small this week. Some of them I am really tired of seeing!!!

Lots of new things happening this upcoming week. My Mom and I are starting up a longarm quilting adventure. The machine will be here next Saturday. I have Monday off so you know what I will be doing. Practice, Practice, practice. I am so excited about this, you will be tired of hearing about it I'm sure.

Ok this Civil Dairy Quilt block is done and I cringed when I took the photo. Oops and I am not going any further. Some days you just can't piece together a 9 patch, right?!?

The Victory quilt block is the other block. I fused the stars on and appliqued with my machines blanket stitch.

See what every one else is doing at for busting stash today and design wall is on Mondays.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I made the little CWDQ with all triangles. It went together quite well. We will have to buy more ink so I can print more patterns, I think I have one printed block left.

Last night was the last wrestling tournament. It was long. I never knew so much strategy and drama went on in the whole event. DH had to wrestle up a class against a kid who outweighed him and was 3 years older than him. He got points on him! He won his next match. DH had a great season. I am glad he enjoyed it. The coach was pleased with all of his hard work.

I did the Wii fit today and completed 2,500 steps in 30 minutues. I also went to the gym earlier this week. I finally lost 1 pound, all that work for 1 pound but I will take it. I even ate a veggie burger this week. Thought I would NEVER do that. It wasn't too bad, I think I will try other "flavors."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog's day

The ground hog saw his shadow. 6 more weeks of winter, well we don't get spring until May around here anyway. If only it was 6 more week of winter, I would be so happy!!!

I made 3 block exchange blocks, I want to have a BIG quilt. I hope to have enough for possibly a full or a queen sized one. I want to make some bed sized quilts for a change.

Here is my CWDQ block made yesterday. Paper piecing really hones my perfectionistic streak!! I am ready to try the next one I printed, it is all triangles.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Design Wall Moday

I made 4 of these squares yesterday. It is the squares to be traded in a block exchange in March. I have my 12 done but I am making more to have a larger quilt. I am going to sew until I run out of fabric!! Plus, if you read yesterday, I have lots of the required fabrics found in a grab bag at a Renee's Quilt shop in Williamsburg. I don't get there often but wow, does she have a nice shop too.

It snowed yesterday, but school is on. That will disappoint my son, he was really hoping.

Off to work,