Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Stash Report

I have been sewing 6 inch blocks nearly every day and I estimate I used up about 1 yard. No new fabrics this week, but the Super Bowl sale is today at the quilt shop. I will check it out and most likely make a little purchase. Just little! I have 1.25 tote full and I am going to purge the old scraps that are small this week. Some of them I am really tired of seeing!!!

Lots of new things happening this upcoming week. My Mom and I are starting up a longarm quilting adventure. The machine will be here next Saturday. I have Monday off so you know what I will be doing. Practice, Practice, practice. I am so excited about this, you will be tired of hearing about it I'm sure.

Ok this Civil Dairy Quilt block is done and I cringed when I took the photo. Oops and I am not going any further. Some days you just can't piece together a 9 patch, right?!?

The Victory quilt block is the other block. I fused the stars on and appliqued with my machines blanket stitch.

See what every one else is doing at for busting stash today and design wall is on Mondays.


SpinningStar said...


A long-arm! I am sure you will enjoy that. A LQS is starting up classes/rental of a machine, so I plan to do that to see if I really want to buy one.

And way to go on your exercise progress....


Kare said...

So which machine did you get?

Vicki said...

We decided to go with a Baby lock Jewel. It has a very nice frame that goes with it too. Now to get thread. Any suggestions?

Mary-Kay said...

Lucky you! A long arm. What brand did you get? I'm so jealous. Maybe next year I can get one too. It seems to be getting more expensive to get things quilted and it kind of puts the brakes on a lot of projects in my head. I can't wait to see your practice pieces.

the writer said...

Good luck with the long arm.

DH & I purchased a short arm set up last year. . .neither of us has had much time to practice with it due to a lot of different things going on. But I am bound & determined to start playing with it on some charity quilts.