Thursday, February 4, 2010

I made the little CWDQ with all triangles. It went together quite well. We will have to buy more ink so I can print more patterns, I think I have one printed block left.

Last night was the last wrestling tournament. It was long. I never knew so much strategy and drama went on in the whole event. DH had to wrestle up a class against a kid who outweighed him and was 3 years older than him. He got points on him! He won his next match. DH had a great season. I am glad he enjoyed it. The coach was pleased with all of his hard work.

I did the Wii fit today and completed 2,500 steps in 30 minutues. I also went to the gym earlier this week. I finally lost 1 pound, all that work for 1 pound but I will take it. I even ate a veggie burger this week. Thought I would NEVER do that. It wasn't too bad, I think I will try other "flavors."


Mary-Kay said...

Good for you! Veggie burgers taste best when they are smothered with toppings like onions and tomatoes and lettuce. I think it kind of hides the weird flavour a bit.

Tazzie said...

Hi there Vicki, just wanted to respond to your comment on the Nearly Insane Fans blog, but found your email address is set to no reply. I'm using freezer paper templates to make my blocks. I basically trace the block, and cut out the shapes and then press them to the wrong side of the fabrics. So very easy. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Jackie said...

I like your block. Loads of pieces!

I like veggie burgers too!