Saturday, February 13, 2010


Our Romantic getaway was rudely interrupted last evening by a kidney stone. My husband was in the ER for much of the night and it was confirmed. So he is sleeping right now and I am off to find a pharmacy. We are 2 hours from home and in a beautiful hotel. At least the king sized bed with luxury down pillows is comfortable.

I think our anniversary weekend is jinxed EVERY time we plan something like this someone is sick or something big comes up. I think we will make a new anniversary weekend date to throw off the gremilins of fun.

Sooooo, the stay at home quiltathon is going on at Patchwork times. I think I will join in once I get home and I have Monday off too so I can catch up!!!


Brenda said...

Oh wow!!! At least, you have to admit, all your 'special' days are filled with memories!!! And you won't forget them either - especially this one!! My GF had these years ago, and she told me how painful they are, so give him lots of lovin' (and space if he's one of those cranky not feeling good type guys!!) and make the best of a rough situation. And I love the idea of thwarting the gremlins by changing the date to something else!!! **evil laugh** and then you can have all the romance and special events that you want without them tagging along to try to ruin it for you!!!

make the best Valentines day you can with someone who is not feeling 100%, and remember to enjoy each other anyway!!

Mary-Kay said...

Aww! What a way to ruin your weekend. I hope your hubby gets well soon.