Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BOM Progress and Give Away!

Here are the collection of blocks for my block of the month. I have 4 more to do before August when I need to pick up the next packet. I love the batiks in this quilt and stars are my favorite patterns, its a win-win for me!

This was an "epic fail". I practiced the quilt on the background when I first got the long arm. It has many problems. The yo yo's were made into pins with vintage buttons to sell at a craft sale when that type of pin was popular. None sold. I took all the elements and made this 3d Christmas tree and used a vintage pin and wool needle case for the trunk.

For those who are binding quilts during the Olympics I have 2 completed of the 5 I had prepped. I am also going to bind the pictured Tree quilt to make a goal of 6. I have a give away going on, sign up here.

Tomorrow I will have pictures of the finished quilts and  Linky Party. Come on and join in!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday and a Giveaway

I have two Blocks done from the block of the Month from my local quilt shop. I have two more in progress. I plan to start Mario in the Super Mario quilt along. Getting back to work after my stay cation has decreased my productivity, ha ha!

The Binding Marathon has begun. I have one quilt done. I have four more ready to achieve my goals. I am hand sewing these bindings while watching the Olympics. I have had so much fun watching already. I need to watch the Opening ceremony yet but I will! I love the volley ball and gymnastics. Link up here

I spent Saturday at our local Highland games and you can see pics in my previous post.

Now for the give away! In honor of the Binding marathon, I am giving away a prize. Three quilt patterns- Row Bots from Swirly Girls design, Lucky 21 from Swirly Girl designs and Double Iris from Quilters Treasure. There are a few pieces of fabric to get you started! All you have to do is let me know what your favorite Olympic event/moment. And don't forget to link up to the binding Marathon so we can encourage each other. I plan to have a linky Party on Friday to see every one's progress!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Highland games in my home town.

The highland games were 2 miles from my house. I had a shorter day while my husband had a long day competing. I almost felt like I was cheating. I was able to get chores done, watch some of the Olympics and do some quilting. A great weekend. Here are a few pics to share, my Dad took the close up shots.

I have one quilt bound already! More more ready to get done while watching the Olympic games. Stop by tomorrow to sign up for the give away!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Binding Marathon Officially Begins!

Are you joining us over the Olympics in a binding marathon? Quilts are prepped. I have 5 quilts to hand stitch the binding on while watching one of my favorite sporting events. I may miss Opening Ceremonies live tonight but that is the beauty of having DVR!!!  The official site for the games is here.

Since  Olympic Soccer has started, I thought this little quilt would be an appropriate warm up for the binding marathon. I made this little 9x18 quilt last night for a friend who competes in the Highland games with my husband. This quilt is going to be used for a padding on his shoulder during the caber events.

There is a  Highland game in our town Saturday.  It will be nice that we don't have to travel far for this one!

A give away will be held by the end of the Olympics. I will get a picture of the prize soon. On Design Wall Monday there will be a sign up for the give away.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Simple Living

Simple living is a day where I post about how to keep things simple. Today I am posting about not overly complicating my long arm quilting. I have discovered a simple truth-less is more. I have applied this to my quilting style and piecing style and found that it really works.

 I made this simple star quilt in great bold, modern colors.

I also realized a very large simply shaped freehand feather would be nice. It has a modern feel. It is much larger than feathers I have done in the past and I think I have found a little to secret to making feathers. Keep it big and keep it wonky!

I am also applying this lesson of scaling back and not making it complicated to my work day and diet/exercise program. Let's see if it helps me!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Garden Happiness

The gardens on Mackinac Island are so pretty. They would make most people very happy.
They make me very happy to see the pictures and they are part of the overall wonderful experience when you visit the island.

I think that they are the perfect touch to the landscape.
I may need to stay at this B and B. Wonder if they have air conditioning? Just a tip, not all hotels and establishments on the island do!

How do they get so many colors all at once? I get one color at a time blooming in my garden!

Top of a steeple by the fort, love the multiple trinity reference,

the flowers were everywhere!

I don't plant any annuals for this riot of color nor do I water, that may be most of my garden's problem!

For my happiness project today, I am not going to the gym and I am going to the studio to finish a quilt. I have been working out 3-4 times a week. Day off to have a bit of fun!

I am hosting a Binding Marathon during the Olympics. Sew those bindings on your quilts and hand stitch them while watching a great sporting event. I love it and it makes me very happy to watch every year that they are on TV. I have a give away planned so watch for more. We will also be linking up to show each other our progress!!

By the way, we passed this property for sale on the island for those handy DIY folks that want to restore a historic building. You may be interested :) Click here.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I am a bit behind on the block of the month I am participating in at the local quilt shop. I never have done one before. It has 2, 12 inch blocks each month and 2 5 inch blocks. I am having trouble with the 12 inch blocks this time. But the 5 inch block worked, go figure. I have one more month to do before I go the the shop and get help for any/all problems I may/have encountered.

I am hosting a Binding marathon during the Olympics, come back this week to get info about the giveaway and linky party!! I decided since I am watching TV anyways, I will hand stitch the bindings down. I have 5 quilts ready!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday

It's Luigi!
I joined
a free quilt along. See button on side bar. Mario is next in this Super Mario Bros quilt. I love it. I made it without any foundation fabric or stabilizer. It turned out pretty good. My son will be thrilled.

I have just finished one week of staycation, see previous posts to check out what we did around the good state of Michigan and my home.

I am hosting a Binding Marathon that is taking place during the Olympics. I have four quilts ready with binding attached. I am long arming one right now and will have it ready for a total of 5. I will hand stitch the binding during the games and hope to get all five done! Want to join up? There will be linky parties and give aways!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

One more day of vacation....

Grand Hotel on the island

I can't believe this week went by so quickly.
A recap, mostly in pictures because they speak more than words!

Saline Highland Games first day of vacation

Stopped in Frankenmouth on the way home Sunday

Alpenfest all week, hubby throwing the heavy stone!
Tons of sewing. Went to Traverse city on Friday to shop, eat out and did some driving around.
Today we wen to  Mackinac Island for the day.

 More sewing and regular routine tomorrow! More pictures of the island gardens next week.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Luigi!

DSCN4566 by vhollowayus
DSCN4566, a photo by vhollowayus on Flickr.

I joined the Quilt along, see side bar for more info. I am not using any foundation fabrics. I am thrilled with how it turned out. Mario is next since I made a trip to the store to buy the right shade of red. I am making this quilt from scraps on hand, for the most part. Guess who is getting this quilt when it is done? ;)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Frankenmouth on our way home last Sunday

Halfway through our week of vacation. I have done very little today. I have had a great time. I went out of town last weekend to a Highland games and we took our time coming home. Now, I am sticking around the house.

I am sewing up a new project and continuing my BOM. The yard look decent. The house is where I like it. I have watched a few movies and we have another one rented. Relaxation time. Ahhh......

Monday, July 16, 2012

Design Wall Monday and Binding Marathon

The rows of the grannies are ready to join up. It is a 9 inch square with 2.5 inch sashing. It is set in a 7x8.
It turned out to be about queen sized. I am thrilled!!

Want to see pics from the Highland Festival? Go here

Binding Marathon is about to start. My mom and I decided that we are going to sew bindings on all of our quilts between now and the opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. Then we will hand stitch the bindings during the games. Want to join us? Watch the blog for a giveaway at the end and bragging rights for who bound the most quilts! I have some bindings left over but not sure any are use able for quilts on hand. We will link up during the Olympics to see how everyone it doing!

This is my staycation. Read more about my ideas for the week here. First order of business is weeding, a bit of clean up and the gym. I love a relaxed schedule. I stayed up late, slept in.

Added: Yea It is put together today

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sights of the Saline Celtic Festival

Husband throwing the hammer

Love the Hat!

Bearded Collies


A really hot day for the Master's group

Weight For Distance

Caber and it turned!

Weight over Bar


Pipe Band

He took fourth! It was a 90+ degree day, I didn't get sunburned. It was a lovely festival.