Friday, July 13, 2012

Simple Living

My Home town destination

This is the year of the family staycation. I have had a few of them in my life because going to a far away destination is not something affordable yearly for us because of our goal to have debt free living. We are going to a few destinations close to home. Most of the time will be at home. Vacation time does not always have to involve spending tons of money. Making memories is free. You can choose to do simple things. Here are some ideas on what we may choose to do next week that are free or low cost.

More of the downtown area where much of the local festival is on the lawn

-cooking meals together
-going to local destinations that are free like some area  hiking trails, light houses, local beaches or parks
-shopping to stores that have just opened up and visiting ones I don't have time to go to typically
-daily one cleaning project that is 15 minutes or less in addition to the usual cleaning up
-daily one organizing project that is 15 minutes or less in addition to the usual
-diy home spa treatment with facial, hair conditioning, skin care and gym time
-quilting of course
-playing my violin, mandolin and piano more. Maybe get the guys to join in, something we don't typically do
-watching a movie
City Building near my house
-attend free concerts and events at our local festival which is all next week
-call family and friends I don't see often

Any ideas that you would like to share that others could do on a week long staycation?


Jackie said...

You've got a great plan! I agree with you that vacations don't have to be all about spending money. I typically try and get a few closets cleaned but then spend the time doing the things I don't get a chance to do. It's ok to have some down time too!

Patrica said...

This looks like a great locale for a staycation and a goal for being debt free makes it more than worth while.