Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Garden Happiness

The gardens on Mackinac Island are so pretty. They would make most people very happy.
They make me very happy to see the pictures and they are part of the overall wonderful experience when you visit the island.

I think that they are the perfect touch to the landscape.
I may need to stay at this B and B. Wonder if they have air conditioning? Just a tip, not all hotels and establishments on the island do!

How do they get so many colors all at once? I get one color at a time blooming in my garden!

Top of a steeple by the fort, love the multiple trinity reference,

the flowers were everywhere!

I don't plant any annuals for this riot of color nor do I water, that may be most of my garden's problem!

For my happiness project today, I am not going to the gym and I am going to the studio to finish a quilt. I have been working out 3-4 times a week. Day off to have a bit of fun!

I am hosting a Binding Marathon during the Olympics. Sew those bindings on your quilts and hand stitch them while watching a great sporting event. I love it and it makes me very happy to watch every year that they are on TV. I have a give away planned so watch for more. We will also be linking up to show each other our progress!!

By the way, we passed this property for sale on the island for those handy DIY folks that want to restore a historic building. You may be interested :) Click here.

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