Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happiness Project

The happiness project has had several thoughts this week see side bar for link. I found one topic interesting to think about. It is a way of thinking about yourself as well as others.

Do you surround your self with radiators or drains. Are you a radiator or a drain? Radiators warm the company they keep, and drains, well are drains. I certainly don't want to be a drain on others!!

How do you "warm" others by being in their company? Here's a few thoughts

*spontaneously offering a helping hand
*giving heart felt compliments
*telling those you love your feelings often
*becoming self confident because it spills over to others
*sharing what you do best with others
*teaching others about your passions
*being generous with all resources
*creating warm memories doing small things
*clear communication
*being soft in your treatment of others, sometimes being brutally honest isn't really necessary
*instilling your belief in the other person abilities, capabilities and possibilities when it is REAL

Drains are more obvious things to avoid being needy, demanding, selfish, harsh, manipulative and so forth.If there is any level of being phoney about this then your attempt at being a radiator becomes a drain. A fine line truely.  I think many practical things we do are part of the equation but I also think that this is an attitude of empathy for others and community.

Ideas on being a Radiator of warmth and kindness?

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