Monday, July 9, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Joining up the squares for my granny square blocks. I made 58 out of the jelly roll and coordinating fabrics. I think it will be queen sized. It turned out very well and I found a free tutorial here for the pattern. I continue to endure the heat wave by staying inside and cool in my a/c.

I am getting over a summer cold and taking today off work. I think I will research how to make a design wall. How did you make yours? I see many use felt and foam insulation board. Some use cotton batting. What worked best for you?

My Mom and I are going to put binding on all of our quilts in the pile waiting to be bound over the next week. Then we are going to see how many we can finish over the Summer Olympics. Want to join us? I want to get all of mine bound by the end of the games.


LuAnn said...

I love the sashing on those blocks. My design wall is a piece of foam core board from the hardware store. It comes in a 4X8 foot sheet. We scored it with an exacto knife so it would fold in half and fit in the car. Then when we got home we taped it with duct tape. I have my wall covered with a piece of inexpensive white flannel. It is held on by pins so that I can take it off to wash it or shake off the loose threads. My first design wall was made from two of these large pieces, but I've downsized my sewing room and just use half of a 4 X 8 sheet.

AnnieO said...

Nice blocks! I like that sashing too.

I don't have it up again yet, but my design wall is a flannel-backed tablecloth hung on the wall from curtain clips hooked over those removable stickon plastic hooks (3M). I liked it because it was 8 feet long. Time to get it back up!

QuiltSwissy said...

Ohhhh, the thing I hate most of all is binding and putting the label on. Some have surmised it is because that finishes the work on the quilt.

I think it is just plain boring!


sue said...

The sashing is amazing! I never would have tried such a large print like that but wow, it adds so much to the quilt. Really fabulous. And I love binding but not when it is 97 degrees and we only have fans. :-(

Threeundertwo said...

I love the fabric in your grannys.

I found this flannel fabric that is made for design walls. It has a 1" grid and it's great for lining up blocks, especially small blocks. I put it over a big piece of foam core.

Sue Daurio said...

Love the granny squares, 58 holy smokes, that's a lot of grannies :) I used the insulation board and batting. Works well for me. The threads stick a bit, but I see that as a sign of well loved design board :) Binding yuck, not my favorite thing to do.

Connie said...

Beautiful blocks! I used insulation board and warm & natural batting on my design wall. Thanks for sharing.
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