Thursday, January 14, 2010

The countdown to a three day weekend

I have Monday off for MLK day and I am planning a ton of sewing. I have my block exchange to do, we are planning to exchange in March. I want to quilt my X quilt and do more CWDQ blocks. I think it is doable!!

Here is an easy block but WOW did I have trouble with it. Pieces backwards, fussy points.... But it is finished and will pass for the quilt. It is called Metting General Lee and the diary entry is interesting from a woman who was a spy during the war. I read yesterday that 150 years since the war is in 2011. I have photos of my relatives during that time. It is a strange thought to look at them and know it was so long ago.

I have been trying to really rehabilitate myself this past month. I had surgery 9 months ago and had a tumor removed along with my entire thyroid. I had radioactive iodine treatments in May. I am finally at normal thyroid levels with meds. I do not feel as physically strong as I was before the surgery. I am making an effort to exercise more-increased intensity, duration. I am dieting. I am still having some soreness in my neck and it does limit what I do. I guess it is time to just ignore it and push on. I need to type for work-soreness. I play vioin-soreness. Knitting or crocheting for causes tenderness. I guess the muscles just need to work more. I have been told I can do whatever I want. So, I think I will. :)


Brenda said...

I like the blk you had problems with. I think it looks good. Did you iron the back open, to cut down on the bulk, especially in th center part??? this is something I am just learning about!! I've always just been pleased when the blk is done and looks right!! I think it looks really good!.

On the health side of the post, you will get your strengh back. Just don't overdo it, and push yourself to hard, but do try to do a little more every day, and you will find your self responding. Keep telling yourself that you are strong and able and 'I can do this!!'!!
'Cause you can do whatever you want!!! And any repetivie thing like the knitting and crocheting, will cause strain in muscles that have been out of the loop for awhile!!! So don't knit or crochet for hours on end next time!!!! lol!! When you start to get sore, stop for a bit, walk around and move your body to work out the kinks!!
But mostly enjoy yourself, and don't stop moving forward!!!!

Micki said...

Enjoy your extended weekend and your sewing!

Jackie said...

I always have trouble with points - they enjoy kicking my rear!

Take it a step and a time and build up gradually. I think you'll be surprised at how quickly your strengthen.

SpinningStar said...

Yup, take time to heal. Better health will come. I am also trying to improve my health with walking and losing weight.

Have a great weekend!