Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I made two blocks today. One for each quilt. I made so many mistakes on the civil war quilt block, so, done is better than perfect!! I removed the seams several times and I am afraid to take it apart again or the seams will tear the fabric. I think it is ok as is just don't look it up in the book to compare to the pattern.

The star turned out cute. I love the fabrics in this collection.

Now to watch Biggest Loser and be inspired... and over come my craving for potato chips and dip.

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Brenda said...

You made me laugh!!! And if you are happy with the blk, then, it perfect!!! And I won't go look in any book to see what they did, yours is better!! And I love the star.

For me, it's popcorn. And once, when I craved popcorn, I steamed broccoli!! I enjoyed it, and didn't miss the popcorn!! that makes me laugh, 'cause ask my kids - mom loves her popcorn,and doesn't always share!!!!!