Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Calling all paper piecers!

I have completed two more blocks. I nearly threw out the three columned block because it is so short on the sides. I wasn't sure about the seam allowances being big enough so I will remake this one for a quilt. I will frame it or something.

My question is this, when do you tear off the paper ? Do you sew the blocks together and then tear it off or do you remove it before setting into the top? I have never paper pieced and was looking at the sides of the pinwheel block and thought it might be pretty stretchy....

What are some tips for paper piecing that you may have for me? I really need tips for future reference. I have learned that the pieces I cut need to be a lot bigger than I think. I also iron and use some light starch (Best Press) to assist in my sharp points.


Brenda said...

I don't paper piece but I do know - paper stay on till it's all sewn together!! Just because it acts as a stabilizer for all the wonky cuts of fabric you can end up with. Your blks look good by the way!! Good for you P.P.ing!!

SpinningStar said...

I think it depends on the piece. When I did the arcs at a class, we removed the paper before trying to sew the sections of the blocks together.


Micki said...

In most cases, you don't tear off the paper till you sew the rows together.
Great job on your project! I love paper piecing, and i hope you fall in love with it too!