Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Stash Report and the return to normal

This was a very good week for using the fabrics I have on hand. I made 4 tote bags that used about 8 yards of fabric total. Here is a picture of my tote bag. Note the use of Texture Magic on the contrasting color at the bottom. It was extra effort that was well worth it.

I am going to measure my useage of fabrics by my full tote. It holds 73 quarts by the label. It is full. Plus, I have a stash of gifted preprinted panels in my closet. I would like to use up half of a tote. I had a goal last year to have half of a tote and I was very close, then I had several occasions (Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc.) happen where I was gifted fabric and purchased some sale items. Full tote!! Yea me, I have lots of beautiful fabrics.

I am glad that I used up so much fabric last year. I really don't have a huge stash of fabrics. I just want to not recklessly purchase items without a plan. I will need to buy fabrics for backing and borders. I don't have a lot of large pieces or yardage of fabrics.

I plan to use up my civil war fabrics by making a Civil War Diary Quilt. I have several yards of repro fabric for the sashings and maybe enough for the back that I used a Christmas gift certificate on.

If I get that pieced this year, then I want to make a Farmer's Wife Quilt. My mom recieved this wonderful book and CD from a friend. It is so pretty, a must for my list of things to make. Dear Jane will have to wait and I need more paper piecing skills.

Today I pieced three blocks of the CWDQ. I threw one away after I ripped it so many time I cut a hole in it. Crap!! The other block has an error in the piecing (I swear I followed the numbers and they were wrong!!) But, I learned many things and I will use the blocks pictured. I made the eight pointed star yesterday.

The living room was returned to normal this afternoon once the tree and Christmas decorations were put away. Tomorrow is back to work after a 2 week staycation. Back to the normal routine. Sigh, up at 5 am tomorrow, that is going to come very early.

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bettina said...

your blocks look wonderful