Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here is my Quilt Studio

...otherwise known as the dining room. I have been trying to get the Brave world block done and so far it is not turning out. I will try again tomorrow. It will be my third attempt. No photo of these disasters!

I am using my cookbook holder to keep my Quilt book accessible. If you look in the background my ironing board is there. All the supplies are near and ready to go. I can also watch TV in the next room if I want to.

I am hoping to get a gnome and fairy flower center piece made this weekend after I purchase a few supplies. Wee Folkart has super cute patterns for these and other items.


Micki said...

I like your quilt studio...We live in a cottage and mine is spread out. Good luck with your projects!

Jackie said...

I sew in my dining room too but it doesn't look anything like yours. Mine is a mess!