Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Stash report and weekend blocks

I used about 1/2 yard making the 6 inch blocks this week. I love the Victory Quilt book and plan to make the sampler. I am using fabric scraps I have. I am not 100% sold on the blue background fabric. I will keep looking I think.
I also sorted through my fabrics this week and any poly blend fabrics, super ugly or old 80's fabulous fabrics that I was NEVER going to use I threw out. I have about 90% of my tote full. I am feeling so happy that I will make my goal of having 50% full of the tote.
My hands are a little sore and swollen. So my hand work is slowed down. As my hands improve and they will with the balancing out of my thyroid meds in the next month, finishes will be cranked out. I am just going slow and pacing myself for now. So yo-yo's, hand quilting , crocheting and knitting are slow or on hold.
I wanted to share a funny story about our yard clean up. My DH is raking with the teenaged DS. I can't help this year since my surgery. So I had to leave the pruning and flower bed clean up to the family. I heard the raking going, then I heard the chain saw. I assumed the trees were being pruned. They were but so was my privet bushes right to the ground. In DH's defense, they will most likely need to be moved because they are close to the house and decking -that needs to be replaced. I sighed deeply then laughed. They will grow!
I yard is raked up. More bags are needed to finish. The snow is still in a couple of shaded spots and then that will be ready. It was so nice yesterday. Today is cold and I heard that snow flurries may be in the forecast on Tues. Sigh, many years snow flies on Mother's day.


Maggie A said...

Love those blocks. Is it a new book?

Lori in South Dakota said...

my husband mowed a big bed of flowers off once, he thought they were weeds! And ONE of the relatives drove over my new apple tree. (Don't ask)

Micki said...

The blocks are beautiful!

3anklebiters said...

beautiful work! thanks for stopping by kalicokate. the block instructions are on the cootiebug site i linked to.