Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Stash report and progess

Sunday stash report is first. I used about 2 yards of fabrics adding borders and bindings. I am really liking how the 4 patch posie is looking see pic below. I won't show a pic of the Sister's Choice until I have the binding hand stitched down. That is a triple decker flannel quilt--all three layers are flannel-- and I decided it is a quilt for subzero temps. Wow is it warm!!

I am focusing most of the quilts I am making on a smaller size. I am making them about twin sized or smaller for use on the back of my couch. I have an aversion to making larger quilt due to the sheer bulk. I made one queen sized and decided never again.

I had a nice afternoon with Mom. We did a little shopping. I purchased the following at our LQS. I love yo-yo's. I love hand work. I thought the perfect stashbuster would be a yo-yo quilt. I thought the yo-yo maker would make it easier. We were given a free Valentine fat quarter. It is so cute.

I mailed out the pincushions. Here is a pic of one that I made first and thought the others turned out nicer so I kept it for myself. I thought they turned out nicely and I thought they were CUTE. I forgot to get a pic of them but I am sure pics will be posted when recieved, I will add the links. They are all different colors. I used this tutorial for the pattern. Free internet patterns, how cool is that.

On the yarn segment of my life, yes, I do alot more than quilt! I joined a group on ravelry that is working on a granny afghan I saw many years ago. It is featured in the 1977 BHG book Crocheting and Knitting that was my Grandmother-in-law's and I was given this book in the late 80's. Wow, how's that for dating myself. I absolutely love every project in this book. I want to make this "so ugly it's cool" afghan in modern colors and maybe follow others (in this group's) lead by using Vanna's yarn. I have been tempted to buy this yarn when it first came out but had no plan, well that has all changed. I really enjoy making all kinds of squares must be the inner quilter :). My yarn stash is nearly busted, yeah, I can feel guilt free in purchasing for a purpose.

Two more days of nothing but crafting as Monday is President's Day and no WORK!!! The house is nearly clean and laundry , shhhh, nearly caught up. Friday our car's radiator blew up, so I have relied on Mom for a car until the DH and DS are back this afternoon. Soooo, an occasional weekend without family turned out to be ok. Yes, I know it was Valentine's Day, and to day is my 23rd anniversary but DH and I are going out next weekend for an overnight date. Hockey, Joann's are on the agenda. I was a little disappointed that the youth retreat was this weekend but once I got over it , the weekend has been good. My DH love chaperoning youth group events and I feel better that one of us is there on these trips. I just like peace when I am not working, I have too much craziness and stress. He likes the energy and events with the kids.....

3:30pm Just wanted to show the Santa at the glued stage. I had the base done-his coat. I did the rest today and it took me 3 hours. I free handed the leaves. I am going to embroider the holly berrys. I am excited because I am not a very proficient applique-er.

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Scrappy-Quilter said...

good job. Love the four patch posie quilt and the pin cushion is too cute. Don't ya just love this challenge and how it inspires us to try and use from our stash?
Eileen C