Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Thurday already!?!

Where did the week go? I haven't really accomplished much in the creative realm. I started my washcloth for the exchange. I love the yarn. It is called sea mist. I may need to make a few cloths for myself too!!

I am thinking about what I need to accomplish. This list is for my own organization:

  • 1. Add binding for Sister's Choice.
  • 2. Mail Pincushions-pics later
  • 3. Work on applique Santa ( and I thought I would be done by Christmas!!)
  • 4. Add border to 4 patch posies
  • 5. Add border to Road to the White House
  • 6. Mail heart strings blocks
  • 7. Baste posie top
I have a long weekend so I hope to accomplish much of the list. I know it is pretty ambitious but I have time to myself so I think some of it, if not all, is possible. I just feel like I am always behind recently. I also feel like I am getting a cold and that is probably why I feel like I am not (really not) getting much done.
Ok question for all readers-- I started a book. It is ok, not great, but I feel it is very sad and not uplifting. I think I am not going to finish it. That goes against my nature to not finish something that I am starting but I don't think I just want to invest any more time in this book. How many of you stop reading a book and never finish it?? I am disappointed because it was so highly recommended. I don't have a problem shutting off a bad movie, leaving a poor concert, or changing the channel on a TV show. Why is this so hard for me?
I think it is funny when I realize how many areas in life are motivated by guilt. You know, you have to finish things you start.
You have to exercise or you are bad. Chocolate is evil never ingest it. You have to work first, and if there is time play. How ridiculous. There is a time and a season for everything.

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Marcia said...

Don't know what the book is but I truly understand! The social injustice I felt when reading Michner's Hawaii and again when trying to read Roots... I just could not finish at that time; I was too upset. I put the books aside and read something very soothing and entertaining... some time later I was able to finish both books. My mind and emotions were in a different place and I was just fine. No problem, put the book on the shelf for now. IT IS OK!