Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Stash report Plus!

Sunday Stash report:
Added: 4 fat quarters for upcoming block exchange
Used: 4 yards
Total stash: about 1.25 totes

I am making progess!! The quilts are coming together and I am using up fabric with lots of projects as previously reported. I did purchase backing fabric (muslin because I am frugal) not listed in the stash report. I am not reporting fabric needed to the B's-backing, borders or bindings. Joann's fabric purchases:

I bought lovely Vanna yarn and I decided not to be a label purist for my sampler afghan-- I purchased from a couple of companies in the same weight. I am making a modern interpretation of a 1977 granny square sampler in a Better Homes and Gardens book. I joined a Ravelry group for support. Here are the lovely yarns and the varigated pink in the inspiration yarn. It is a Redheart Yarn called "Pink Camoflage." All of the other yarns are Vanns's Choice. Do you see a decorating theme with my table runner in the background?

The hockey game was great, the Red Wings won! There is a St Patrick's Day game so I bought a green T Shirt with the Team logo on it. It was a lovely sunny trip down, Joann's yesterday am was fun. I had coupons (40-50%) and saved money which is the only way to shop, I rarely pay full price. I ate at my favorite resturants.
DS was sick when we left, grandma took care of him and by Sat am he was better so my fears were relieved. Our trip home yesterday was stressful. A snowstorm came. We recieved about 8 inches. The state is so poor that on the weekends the snowplows are NOT out opening up the roads much. So there was some drifts to drive through.
I am getting my first cup of coffee and then to create...

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Brenda said...

I am thinking you will have a great granny square sampler. I have not made a granny square in years!!! But I do like them. That snowstorm without haveing the roads plowed is not funny!! So the best thing for you to do is grab anther cup of coffee and just keep creating till the roads are clear - and have alot of fun doing it!!!