Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday before a little vacation

I am leaving for a little vacation to a friend's hunting lodge for the next 4 days. There is TV and electricity so while the guy's of the house are target shooting and doing outdoorsy things I am going to sew. I have a week off from work and plan on several projects.

I have started a disappearing 9 patch as described on PS I quilt's tutorial. I plan to sew black and white exchange squares, make a shower curtian, try the 60 degree triangle ruler. I may baste the Victory quilt. I need more batting for the larger top I have pieced. I also have a calendar quilt I need to finish joining as a top. I think I can achieve most of this over the next week. The guys are going to a music festival Thurs thru Sat so those days are all to me.

Pics of the vacation and quilty progress when I get back.


Brenda said...

you sound like you are in for a great time!!!! I wish for you, extra hours to get all your plans done + time to just relax and enjoy the time away!!!!

Angela said...

Hope you have a lovely holiday! Sounds like you will be busy with all your projects.