Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday stash report

With a birthday about a month ago, came fabrics as gifts, so my stash has grown. I have purchased some border fabric too.

Not much sewing this week, except some yo-yo's by hand. They are cute and I have tried a few different stitches to attach them but haven't settled on one way yet. I have time to experiment when you are attaching hundreds of circles together.

Feeling energetic. I have been gardening and weeding and watering and getting my hands dirty and all that stuff. My arugula "bolted" so I learned about heat stressing lettuce. I am going to make a pesto out of the little harvest I have. I hope it will grow again from what is left of the plant.
Ok, here it the harvest in an ice cube tray to freeze. I chopped up the blanched arugula, added a bit of garlic, parsley, sunflower seeds, parmasan cheese and garlic to taste and texture. It is not bad for the first attempt!

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Micki said...

Have fun with the yo yos.