Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Showing progress on the SQF

SQF or square foot garden. Our cold weekend killed the tomatoes, peppers, cukes and watermelon plants. But as you can see, not all was lost.

Some seeds are germinating. Look closely...

Frost is called for tonight so we will replant this weekend.
Off to crochet on my granny square afghan, I am on the E squares still. I have the f-g-h- and I's to go.


Brenda said...

the one really nice thing with this type of gardening, is you can make protetive covers that easily fit over the squares. From a frost protector to a chicken wire one that keeps critters out.
I am sorry you lost those plants.... I can't believe frost is still an issue - this is why all my container plants have come in side for the night, and probably every night all weekend from what I hear!! may the frost stop coming and the plants keep growing! have a great weekend and have fun with your SFG!!

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

Sorry about losing your tomato plants. Wish you lived next door then I could hand some of mine over the fence to you. (bragging here, mine are over 2 feet tall now and are full of tomatoes) Hope you can get some replanted.