Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cell phones

Tuesday was the first day back to work for me. My son's first day to school since last week due to illness and a college visit. It snowed, it was cold and we were running a bit late.

Disaster struck. As he was getting out of the minivan and shut the door, he started dropping things.
Can you guess what was shut in the door?

His phone. It was a good phone for him. A Droid X hand me down from his Dad.

Yep the phone is supposed to be straight! We have back up phones in place now. He is connected again.
Which leads to thinking about some complaints I have heard from the generation right (not my parents but the people younger than them) ahead of me, they don't like the use of cell phones from people younger than them. They are paying attention to the phone and not them. They say younger people don't know how to interact and don't have relationships with people.

I disagree. I think that people have as many face to face relationships as they want. They talk to the people they are with as much as they want. The phone is an added layer of connecting. And sharing jokes and other cool games and things. Now there are exceptions. We all are different. I think it is a sign of a new generation gap.
First it was "those crazy kids and their rock music"
Then it was "TV is rotting the brain of kids"
Now, it is "those cell phones, what are you doing, you not talking to me and  not listening to my stories anymore!"
and my favorite "you are becoming a technological zombie"

I love technology but social norms/rules are changing and I am just as bad as the "kids" about it. I used to do hand sewing at holidays and yarn things at dinner. How's that for being rude at a holiday gathering!! I need to have a focus and something to do. I also like to watch football games as holiday events as well as talk. Some people watch movies. Other share memes and the latest games.... Just a few things I have been thinking about folks....

Now my sewing machine is acting up. Good think I have a back up machine!!
Thankful that we have what we need and a back up plan, too!!
And I am super thankful I have a smart phone to get through today's staff meeting at work!

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Jackie said...

I couldn't agree more with you about social norms changing and this being the new thing to complain about with young people. The funny thing is it's harder for my husband to put the phone down than the kids! Not so generational!