Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A 5 year old UFO

Here is the beginning. When I was practicing my knitting stitches 5 years ago, I had a plan of using up all the odd balls of yarn and make a sampler. I made the large panels which is pictured above and they were joined together this week. See the little stack of squares? There are about 35 of them and the plan is to join them as the outer boarder around the panels. They will all be joined with the white yarn as "sashing" and a final egde in white. It is not perfect. It is made from all acrylic "ugly" yarns (due to fiber content I love working with all natural fibers now) and I learned about many stitches. I even learned how to cable on a small block or two. So this is a nice learning piece.

I have been hand quilting too. I am planning the block exchange party on the 24th. I am stuck on a theme for the next exchange. Let's see we have done: blue and yellow, fall flannel, Chirstmas flannel, Civil War Repros and the Calendar and finally the Road to the White House. I am not getting the vibe that people like the pattern being pick as in this last exchange. I think I will go with a color combo like burgundy and gold. Any great ideas?

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Angela said...

That is a great idea. I saw where someone just made a ball afghan. Rolled all her off yarn into large balls and had at it. Very fun and resourceful. She used all the same weight of worsted.