Monday, January 19, 2009


I am fortunate enough to have the day off today. I spent the day doing lots of projects and very little cleaning!! I actually made it to the gym and worked on cardio only. The last weight training caused back pain so I am going to slow on that and it has taken me a week to not have pain. More of the exericse to come.

I sewed my 4 patch posies together. I have just enough black fabric in my stash. I have just barely enough black for a 2" outer border. Then I need to decide a wider second border. It feels good to have this top together.

I just added the weather widget today. It is the first day in a few weeks that it isn't feeling like the artic. It is actually sunny, icicles dripping and no wind. The long cold, dark days make me want to either hibernate or go to Florida!! Well since niether is in the budget I just need to keep active.

Our satellite added new radio stations and the classic rewind is my favorite. I have been listening to oldies and finished the rest of the following:

Yes it feels good to have a productive day that was fun and not tied to hard labor, you know, housework, snowblowing, organizing closets......

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Marcia said...

Your posis look great! You have much to show for your efforts. Look forward to seeing more of your handiwork.