Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day!

It has been very cold and snowy. The cold artic blast is here and makes it difficult to get around. We did have about a foot of new snow with tons of drifting. The kids are happy because it is a snow day and they can stay home. I want a snow day!

I haven't been sewing much since Thanksgiving. I have made a couple Civil War Diary quilt blocks. This is paper piecing time for me the winter brings out the tedious projects. This is definitely trying my patience.

I have the CWDQ and a Victory quilt started that needs to be finished.  I am quilting my yellow and green quilt. Plus a few other tops waiting.....

I have also finished my granny square sampler (crocheted). I am making a funky scarf. I have plans to get a few small items done for Christmas.

I need to organize my house. It is getting bad. I just can't find anything anymore. I need to straighten out the file cabinet. Get important papers together instead of all over the house etc, etc etc. When????, then I wonder- Why???? I would rather be doing fun stuff, ya know?


Diane said...

Snow days--made me remember getting up and turning on the local radio and listening intently for our school to be called out,
First a 2 hour delay and then cancellation! In elementary school that meant; out to play in the snow! In High School; roll over and sleep in!!

Jackie said...

I usually feel like organizing after Christmas and at the beginning of the year. Not this year though - I'm going to have FUN! I hope you do too.

Brenda said...

For the organizing part of your day, start with one project and one only!! And don't beat yourself up!! I felt that you are feeling a little overwelmed, I could be wrong, but I have been feeling that lately and I found myself getting really frusrtated. So, I have made myself a promise to find one thing (right now it is keeping one part of my kitchen counter CLEAN!!) and so before I go to bed at night, I make sure it's tidy. And through the day, I will spot check it, keeping it under control!
It's the little things that add up, so I am working on the little things - keep them little!!!

I love snow days!! Bake things, make the house smell warm and cozy or pop a meal into the slow cooker and I always feel like I am off the hook and can do 'play' for awhile!!

And don't let your projects get you down either!! They sound wounderful!!! Do them one at a time, and if you feel the need to go to another one while working on something, do it. This is supposed to be FUN!! Keep it fun!! laugh, play and feel the joy!! Merry Christmas!!!