Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Before and After

Here is my before and after this month. The bathroom and linen closet was my goal. As you can see, I did edit out many items. The baskets were unified, papers thrown out and overall tidied up.

I also washed all the walls in the bathroom. I used a weak borax solution. I scrubbed all the fixtures. The room sparkles now!!

The linen closet is not photo worthy. It is a 4 foot DEEP closet that had all kinds of things in there. My daughter said to be careful when cleaning in there because I may find Jimmy Hoffa. Ha, but I did throw out three bags of trash and organized it. It feels so good!!

This started out as the year to organize my house. Last year was the year to get going on diet and exercise. I continue to do both. This has turned out to be part of my happiness project (see side bar link) and I feel great! It is amazing how easy it is to keep up. I am working on each room about 20 minutes or so several times a week. That's it. Next is the kitchen.


Jackie said...

It's amazing how much a standard linen closet will hold. There is always a few surprises in there too! Congrats on another successful month!

Conni said...

It is sooo much easier to keep things clean and picked up when you break it down into smaller tasks. It doesn't feel so overwhelming that way. Keep up the great work...both cleaning and diet/exercise!

Quiltsmiles said...

Nice Job, it really looks better.
What a grand feeling of accomplishment when you look at it and the organization and cleaning continue into other aspects and areas of your life. I have been on a similiar quest and am satisfied too.
I also wanted to thank you again for the tote I received from you as a giveaway last April. I use it as a treasure chest with goodies goody bag to treat my grand daughter. I think of your generosity often and am grateful.

Marti said...

It looks great. I love the feeling of accomplishment after a room has been de-cluttered and organzied.