Thursday, March 31, 2011

Personal reflections on my happiness project

I have been working on formulating a few little personal guidelines to remind myself of what makes me happy. I found the Happiness Project blog earlier this year. I am now reading the book and loving the first 4 chapters so far. I relate to the authors ideas and her experiences. My project started in January informally, more formally in February.

First on the list is to be continually pursuing my faith and relationship with God. That includes a daily time of study and prayer. I need to reflect on all the good things that have been provided.

Next, is to spend time talking to those I have relationships with daily. It could be telephone, email , text. Even just to share a quick experience or funny counts.

I need to not force myself to be someone else. Yep, be myself. I sometimes feel  that isn't enough, being myself,  to keep relationships going or hold the interest of other people. I have many areas of interest that many don't understand or find interesting-history, football, traditional Celtic music, plays, museums, reading light kids books and antiques to name a few- but I do. I can pursue them without feeling that they are a waste of time. The old trying to shove a square peg into the round hole problem.

I need to be doing something creative every day. Quilt, play a musical instrument, design a pattern for a project, crochet, or write. It isn't a waste of time or money. It is what I have fun at and it makes me happy.

Keep the clutter around me under control so I can keep my mind clear. Ugh, not fun but so necessary because the clutter isn't adding to the peace and happiness. Get rid of it, use it, put it away or donate it.

Exercise, rest, eat right and don't deviate from the plan. I feel poorly otherwise. Not too much sugar or caffeine, please.

I am continuing to work on my project. The kitchen clutter isn't gone. I had a goal of presenting the clean kitchen photos by April 1. We had a set back with a stopped up sink. No water to clean the dishes or wash walls.  I had a limit on how much garbage I could generate so some of the cupboards still need organizing, half are done.

However, due to my husband's determination, skill and a lack of $1,000 to pay the plumber, the sink is working better than ever. I did get to clean the back landing and that was going to be tackled later this spring. It is now off the list. Kitchen progress will be next week, I have a vacation day to devote to it. That will really make me happy-cleaning, relaxing and prepping for a few days with the family. Spring Break!


Brenda said...

Repeat after me: "I am perfect just the way I am."

Now, say it 10 times every morning. Out loud; in the mirror; while making breakfast; anytime you want to. And do it again through the day - because, you are perfect, just the way you are!! I know it, and you have to know it too!!!

We are all works in progress. Who we are today, is not who we were yesterday, or who we will be tomorrow - and that is okay!! Wounderful even!! Read good books, ones that talk to you and let you know how fantastic you are!! And all those things you like, are interested in?? Do not ever apoligize for it!!! It is what makes you so unique and so interesting!!!! AND, someone else, who ever it is, likes these same type of things and it's great to find these kinds of people!!!

And being happy is wounderful - I love that you have a 'happiness project'!! PERFECT!! Love it!!!

Thank-You for this post!! I love that you have the same types of feelings I have, it's nice to share them sometimes. Go be happy! You are so worth every second of it!!

Laurie said...

I've been skimming that blog but haven't taken the time make it part of my life yet. Your goals sure make sense.