Monday, April 4, 2011

Design Wall

Civil War Diary quilt blocks, down to 28!

This one had 72 pieces and took a long time to do!

ahh, relief an easy block was next.

I have survived the spring
"Thunder snow" over the weekend. It was strange to have it rain, sleet and snow all during a thunderstorm. Hope winter is gone soon, it is beginning to overstay it's welcome.

I continue to read the book on the Happiness Project and find it very interesting and challenging. You can read about my project here.

Spring Break is here, where are you spring? Everyone who went to Florida is getting their money's worth this year!!


Jackie said...

72 pieces...I cannot imagine!

Yep, 86 today here in my part of Florida. Only 72 tomorrow. We've had our a/c on for the last couple of weeks with the exception of a few hours here and there. The humidity will be unbearable soon!

Chris said...

Our spring already came and went. It only lasts a week or two. We are headed into the blistering hot.....I really would not mind a little cooler weather.

Kathie said...

Wow that one block with all those pieces must have been hard. You sure couldn't be off (which I am a lot) your 1/4 seam for that all to come out.

Karen said...

The Snails Trail blocks always take some time and figuring out to piece. Lots of parts to get in the right order. You did good.

Denise :) said...

Very, very nice. That block with 72 pieces? Yikes!! You did a great job! It looks seamless. :)

Mary-Kay said...

Nice blocks! I was in Traverse City yesterday and heard that thunder. Even saw some lightning. I thought it was pretty weird.

Julie Kaye from KS said...

Your civil war blocks always look so nice. I love your fabrics. We had/having crazy weather in NE Kansas too.

Kate said...

Gorgeous blocks! You are doing a wonderful job.

Thunder snow is really interesting. We had just regular thunder storms with high winds last night. Thankfully, no tornadoes here!

Mary said...

I really love the look of intricate design blocks, but 72 pieces must have been a real challenge.