Monday, May 2, 2011

Design Wall Monday

100 piece block!
I finished it! This block of the Civil War Diary Quilt has 100 pieces. I think it proved to me that I can make whatever I want if I set my mind to it. You have to click on it to make it bigger to see and count all of the pieces!!!
Perfect 10 pattern used
 This quilt I pieced Friday night and Saturday. It take 10 fat quarters plus. I used the little owl fabrics I have been collecting and I love it. I have to buy some border fabrics. My computer is acting up and eq isn't loaded in it right now. Sooo, the last 18 blocks of the Civil War Diary quilt will have to wait. That's OK, I was getting a little stressed with those tiny blocks. This big block quilt was FUN!
Improvisation Quilt

This quilt has charm packs and panels that I have had for a while. I decided to make a quilt with it that was more modern. I liked the look of many quilts that are pieced together but with a improvisational look. I am making the squares 9 inches and it is working out great. I watched show about architecture in England and they have buildings that were built for their look and called them follies. One is all built with it all threes. So my husband said, when I told him my quilt was based on three and multiples of threes, that this quilt should be named a folly and I agree. So this quilt is named Vicki's Folly. I really like how it is turning out.


Chris said...

Your CW block is beautiful. I love the fabric you chose. 100 pieces in that little block is quite an accomplishment!

Alycia said...

Love your block. I think I might have been scared to attempt a 100 piece block too.

Your 10 quilt is great! I love it!!

QuiltSwissy said...

I am impressed with anything 100 and above! LOL.


Jen Towns said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the improvisation quilt... dragonflies are my favorite!

AnnieO said...

OMG, 100 pieces! It looks terrific. Bet it really was nice to work with bigger blocks after that focused work :) Love the folly idea, what fun.

Kate said...

100 pieces? The block looks great! Also like your Perfect 10 quilt, very bright!

Mary said...

Yup, you're right! There are 100 pieces in that block. Very nice work.

Nancy quiltin' momma said...

Oh I love it! I had to go and count it too! lol...great job!