Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A great day!

Today has been a great day. The sun was shining this morning. The birds were singing, the lilacs are blooming and it was calm. It is my day today. I feel like celebrating because I am a year older.
So I started this morning with a new beginning. A new quilt using fabric I have been saving. I love this Just One star pattern and thought I would make one for me. I discovered it after making blocks for the Quilts of Valor charity.

I watched Biggest Loser and the celebration of accomplishment was wonderful. Celebrating the winners. All of them are winners to me, a couple were gifted with money.

I decided to be brave and celebrate my successes. today.


Family. Home. Job. Weight loss. Quilting. Violin. Friends. Love. Friendship. Clarity of mind. Strength of body. Peace of Soul. Just to name a few. I may just keep adding to the list as the day progresses and thinking about what a great journey this year has been so far and will continue to be.

Have a great day every one. I know I am.


LadyLiz said...

I'm waiting to watch BL tonight... but a stupid headline in the news spoiled it for me, haha. Anyway, yes, you should be proud of yourself for your weightloss. Getting healthy is going to add years to your life and just improve the quality of your life a lot. :)

Amy said...

I celebrate your successes with you. Many wonderful blessings. Wishing you many more!