Monday, July 11, 2011

Design Wall Monday - Advice needed

Here is a start to a baby quilt. I cut panels and framed them. Now to decide what blocks to put in the spaces and a layout. Any suggestions?

Here are some hockey jerseys that a friend asked me to make into a quilt. Anyone ever do this and do you have any pointers for me?


Brenda said...

I went and grabged one of my 'baby quilts' books (Tuck Me In) and here what they have used between blks:
large 4 patches.
Wow, that is not a good book fo ideas!!! And 4 patches wouldn;t work in your case. many 4-paches sew together, yeah, but not like in the book!!
I will try again for ideas:Debbi Mom's Project Kids - she has different fabrics surrounding her little blks to frame, then has sew them together. But her little blks are all the same size and you have a variety, and that is not what you are thinking of, I am guessing.
I am thinking, frame the blks and do applique in the borders - balloons, and bikes, kid type things. I am not sure..... hmmm. if I think of anything more posative than "I don't know" - I will be back!!!

Cathy said...

I'd do a checkerboard effect, using whatever size square would come out evenly. For example, if your framed squares all divide by 2.5, then I'd use 2.5 inch squares of baby themed fabrics. Here's a pic of where I've used this idea:

quilty mama said...

For the shirts you will need to get some very light weight tricot (knit) fusible interfacing to stabilize the knit shirts so they don't stretch. I have made a couple of these. It's not hard. I have used fleece for backing and not used batting. Works well.