Sunday, September 21, 2008

Road to the Whitehouse

That is the name of the block exchange that my friends and I are doing. I need to sew about 30 of these blocks. I have made several over the past week, please refer to previous photo. I am also knitting another tote. I have a problem thought, everytime I sit and knit I tend to get sleepy and nod off. Geez, feel like a geezer. I guess, that I probably am.
I will post some colorful leaves when they peak in the next few days. The reds seem to be vibrant this year, so that is always exciting. I think I need to get my fall/Halloween things out today.
Ok, I am getting sick and tired of being sick. I started with symptoms of this stupid cold 4 days before LABOR DAY!! I am pushing week 4, second round of antibiotics, an inhaler, cough syrup..... I ugh, can't stop coughing! So I am going to start pushing more vitamins than I normally do, drink water until I float away, and stamp my feet because this is starting to be all consuming!
Now I feel better... cough, cough, wheeze, wheeze, I think I will get my scraps of fabric out an play.

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