Thursday, September 25, 2008

This is how I have been spending my days this fall

If you look closely, you will see that I have been spending alot of time at football fields around the area. I am overlooking the end zone and the pretty country around it. The past week has been in the 70's and nice. We go to the High school games on Friday, DS games on Wednesday and pick up at practice on the other weekdays. Well, it is all over by the end of Oct. for DS. Short and sweet season. By the way, we are 2-0 so far this year. I spend the weekends watching college football and NFL when I can. Fantasy football, I won't speak of my thrasing for the year.
I have not been doing much crafting. I have a tiny amount of knitting for the next felted tote done. I have not sewn a stitch since Sunday. I am going to try to cut out blocks for the block exchange tonight.
I saw my doc twice this week and I think after one month of sickness, 4 meds and 2 inhalers later, I want to, knock on wood, say I am getting BETTER!! Hip Hip Hooray!! I was really getting irritated at being sick for so long.
Maybe I will be well enough to pick apples this weekend... I have DVR for the games I will miss.

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