Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I did it!

This is my third B square. I think It is finally right. Thanks to all who helped me figure it out. YEA!!

I also quilted 6 more squares on the posie quilt. I think I want to stipple the borders.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all.


Brenda said...

Excellant!!! Isn't it great when it finally comes together!! that is going to be one fun afghan!! And look at all the stuff your learning. Keep it up, I want to see it done!!!

Micki said...

That is a lovely block and congratulations!
Job well done!

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

That turned out great! I just realized something. I've been inspired to learn crocheting over the past week or two and now I know my desire to learn came from your blog!!
I've been learning how to sc and dc by watching youtube videos and some crochet sites have videos. I'm on my 4th dishcloth. I'll put them up on my blog tomorrow.
Great job.