Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Stash report and Daylight Savingstime

Ok, Just for the record, I really don't like the weekend of daylight savings time. I am a grouch when I lose an hour of sleep. Sure, I go to bed a little earlier, but I wake up at the usual time! Then I spend three days dragging around trying to figure out why I am so tired and can't seem to accomplish anything. I am still not convinced daylight savings time really saves energy, but it is nice to have light evenings in the summer.

Stash report for Fabrics: No new fabrics purchased
No new stash used. So My total fabrics is still 1.25 totes.

Friday and Saturday had three hours invested in this star block for my sampler. Wow, it challenged my skills. I couldn't read the pattern well. I couldn't remember the difference between hdc, dc,trc. Makes a bit of difference I found. I had to look up the stitches in my trusty "Complete guide to Needle work book." The star block is used about 5-6 times in several variations in this afghan, so I will get more practice. By the way, it helps to not try to do a new pattern on Fri. nights when you're just getting over the flu. For some reason the brain was in neutral and I had to start over. On Sat.

Sat. evening, I basted the Posie quilt. So now I have some relaxing quilting to do while the evenings are cold still. My machine is acting weird and I am having three mechanical failures around here so this will be hand quilted. Yep, DH car overheated, the fridge is leaking water, and my laptop's screen is not working right. So in order to not overdo the mojo for machine's, I am handquilting it. I know it will be right then.


Micki said...

You did a great job on the star block...It is a difficult quilt. Boy, you are a busy girl.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Winter weather is heading your way. Or maybe to the south of you! Cold wintery days here, but we hope to warm up by the end of the week. I like the reference to Raspberries and Chocolate, ahh, everything good in that title!

Angela said...

Daylight savings time is stupid. And that is my thoughts on the subject. All the springing forward, falling back...stupid. Ok. So ask me how I really feel. LOL