Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday stash report and a pineapple update

I have gone bananas buying fabrics at the local quilt shop. They had a big sale and I purchased 6 fat quarters and some Texture Magic. It was the one year anniversary at the store and it really had alot going on-discounts, giveaways, discontinued fabrics on clearance, drawings, door prizes.... it was all I could do to contain myself to what I did buy!!

Also, the office is quite stressful. Not sure who will stay and who will go, if anyone, but the fear is there. I will always have fabrics, right? That was my justification of all the fabrics I have purchased over the past few months, hee hee like I really needed an excuse.

Ok so I had more in than out. I am hanging in at 3/4 of a tote, plus charm packs and a layer cake. That is the stash report.

Here are some pineapple blocks I made over the past couple of days. Mom and I sewed yesterday afternoon to finish our class projects. I am totally sold on the ruler method but since I purchased printed foundation fabric -that is what I am doing now. It is the smaller block. The foundation fabric is ok but since I found the ruler method, it wins!!

We did get alot done. She didn't like the paper method so she gave me hers, I made mose of it after the center, and it turned out great, it is the orange and green one. Do you see my mistake? No?? Good!! It is in the block with the red center. I wasn't paying attention but I am not ripping it out, this is a practice block that may end up as a pillow.

Next will be a ruler method quilt.


Vicky said...

Well, I looked really really hard and I found it, but I think it looks great. My mistakes are SO obvious! I love the pineapples. It's on my to-do list for some day!

Granny Lyn said...

Love the rusts w/ greens pineapple! those colors are a good choice! they really give me an idea for some scrappy blocks...

glad you're liking the ruler, good to hear from someone who tries it out first.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pineapples! :)

Angela said...

Great job. I paper piece and LOVE it.