Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday is here and one day closer to the weekend. I had a little problem quilting last evening and I am ripping out part of a row . I quilted the last three large quilts without any problems so i guess i was due!

Yesterday I had a weird day. I am fortunate to live close to my office and i come home for lunch. I was leaving the bathroom when I tried to open the door. The knob twisted strangely and make a weird noise. I was broken and I was locked in the bathroom for 10 minutes. No phone and late for work. I just jiggled and wriggled the knob until it opened. I was a little stressed!

My grandma used to say that things happen in threes so the third thing was the washtub for my laundry is draining slow and made getting clean clothes for today a challenge. I washed a tiny load and drained it three times to get it to the dryer not sopping wet. Ugh, gotta love those 100 year old houses!

Today is starting out much better. I lost a pound. The house is is order. I will sew before I go to work. Good Thursday all!



Diane said...

too bad you weren't trapped in your sewing room!!
I had a date with my seam ripper a couple evenings ago---why don't I stop quilting sooner when in my mind I'm saying 'hmmm that's not looking quite right?'...6 inches of quilting = 45 min. of ripping.
live and learn, repeat. :)

Susan said...

Oh how terrible to be locked in like that. The mind races with all kinds of things that could happen including the angst of being late for work.

Glad things are taking a better turn today.

Vicki said...

Yes, I learned any gut feeling that something went wrong, stop and check everything!!! I have spent about an hour ripping out and have a bit to go. :( But I wish I had been locked in the sewing room I would have been so happy!!! My bathroom is small and I was not happy.

LadyLiz said...

That happened to me before, only I couldn't get out. I had to call you, I think.

Vicki said...

I guess I need to take a phone in to the bathroom!!!!

Micki said...

How frustrating for you! I am glad that you got out.